Top 10 Ways To Recycle and Reuse Cutlery

Sometimes it is just nice to buy some new cutlery. Maybe you saw a nice set on offer, or maybe someone has given you some as a housewarming gift. No matter how you are replacing them, these ten ideas make great use of all those old knives and forks…



Forks Transformed Into Earrings
Forks Transformed Into Earrings

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There were lots of ways people have transformed cutlery into jewellery, but these earrings are just the best.

Forks Transformed Into Table Cloth Hooks

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Perfect for the kitchen, but you could probably also use them to hang the kid’s coats off them in the hallway.

Cutlery Transformed Into Herb Labels

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You will need a letter stamper to make this work, or maybe you could write the name on a piece of paper and sellotape it to the cutlery.

Cutlery Transformed Into a Chandelier

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You’re going to need an awful lot of cutlery to pull this idea off, but it does look well worth the effort.

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Cutlery Transformed Into Flowers

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These will look amazing, both indoor and out. The forked one has to be my favourite.

Cutlery Transformed Into Candle Holder

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All you need for this simple idea is an old plank of wood, some spoons and some tealight candles!

Cutlery Transformed Into a Wind Chime

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It would make a nice sound the slight clash of a spoon or two. Plus you could polish them to perfection and the light would dance off it.

Fork Transformed Into a Cupboard Handle

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This is a good idea for replacing a lost or damaged handle, but you could also replace all the kitchen cupboard handles and then make something out of that!

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Cutlery Transformed Into a Bottle Holder

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If you have the skills to transform cutlery into a bottle holder then fair play to you!

Fork Transformed Into ana Egg Cup Holder

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You will need some metal work skills to pull it off, but if you like your eggs boiled in the mornings this will be the best way to recycle that old cutlery by far.

Author: Gus Barge

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