Ten Amazing Things You Can Make With Bubble Wrap

There are only 2 ways to look at bubble wrap. You can see it as a plaything, and a way to relieve stress. Or you can see it as an evil thing that feels horrible to the touch and noisy. Whatever way you think about it, don’t throw it away when you can make and do one or more of these amazing things with it…



Top 10 Things To Make With Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap Cape

10 – Super Dawg – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

Any child with even a little bit of imagination would be able to turn into Superman or even Superdogs with a bubble wrap cape. Or in this case, a trusted side-kick partner.

Golf Ball Cookies

9 – Tee Off for Tea Time – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

Fancy making some golf ball cookies? Well, bubble wrap makes the perfect pattern for just that purpose! In fact, it is an excellent idea.

Bubble Wrap Calendar

8 – Date Pop – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

One of the most creative ideas I have found is to turn that bubble wrap into a calendar! But if you have a bad month ahead you can relax and pop 30 days ahead.

Bubble Wrap Indian Corn

7 – Corn on the pop – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

I am not sure what you would do with bubble wrap corns, but maybe they would be some sort of decoration for harvest time. They do look amazing fun to make to be fair. Full making guide to follow along within the link.

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Bubble Wrap Cactus

6 –Prickly Poppers – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

Yet another plant to make, but this time it is a cactus! There is a great video making guide with this one so why not theme your house to look like the wild west!

Bubble Wrap Street

5 – Safety First – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

This is apparently Britain’s most accident-prone street wrapped in bubble wrap! Call it art, or call it creative marketing, it still looks awesome. Sure it could make life a whole lot safer, but it would also be very noisy as people drove or even walked around these streets.

Bubble Wrap Window Insulator

4 – Window Warmer – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

It might not look that great but to save some money on your heating bills in winter using bubble wrap as an insulator is a great tip! There is a full guide on what to do and the benefits in the link.

Bubble Wrap Chair

3 – Sit on it – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

Not only is this a cool chair made from bubble wrap but it is also interlocking with other furniture meaning you could have a bubble wrap sofa! Now that is amazing.

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Bubble Wrap Ball Gown

2 – Dress Up – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

If you have the skills to make a ball gown out of bubble wrap you are a better craftsperson that I am. But it does look kind of amazing even if I couldn’t make it in a million years.

Bubble Wrap Steering Wheel

1 – Traffic Calming – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

If you are the type of person that gets worked up and stressed in a traffic jam why not wrap a bit of bubble wrap around the steering wheel. Then whenever you feel a little road rage coming up relax by popping the bubbles! It might work for someone, and it is good recycling as well.

Author: Gus Barge

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