Top 10 Funny Dogs Interacting With Their Environment

Until the other day, I was pretty sure that dogs don’t care about what environment they are in, just so long as it’s warm and happy. But after changing the wallpaper in the living room my own dog refuses to go in there! Do dogs really care and interact that much with their backgrounds? These ten certainly do…



Dog Making Political Statement
Dog Making Political Statement

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Some dogs like to make statements about their environment, like this dog who seems to be protesting on his own.

Dog Dragging Pool Inside

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Looks like this pooch wants an indoor pool and is not willing to wait until you can afford it.

Dog Spins Of Record Player

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This dog has found a secret play area complete with a playground spinner!

Dog Takes No Dog Sign

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This dog doesn’t take too kindly to dogs not being allowed on the beach.

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Dog Sniffing Snow Sculpture Of Other Dog

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Dogs seem to run on the principle that if it looks like a dog then it must need it’s rear end sniffed!

Dog Interacting With Food Picture

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Sometimes even a picture of food can look and almost smell as good as the real thing.

Dog Interacting With Cow Sign

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He always wanted to become a cow. This is sadly the closest he will ever get.

Dog Interacting With a Blanket

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This dog loves to play the helpless victim with this blanket, the only way you can save him is with belly rubs.

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Dog Interacting With Background

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Some dogs are so political and are always trying to make some sort of statement.

Dog Sniffing Picture Of Other Dog

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I’ve heard of getting to know art, but this might be taking things a little too far.

Author: Gus Barge

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