Top 10 Valentine’s Day Foods: Recipes Made With Rose Petals

The problem with Valentine’s Day is everywhere costs double to go out and you feel like a walking cliché if you give them flowers! So why not avoid both these problems by making them food at home, but as a cliché twist, why not make them foods made with rose petals…



Candied Rose Petals
Candied Rose Petals

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These Candied Rose Petals not only make a nice cupcake topper, but they also make for a tasty little snack.

Rose Petal Syrup & Ice Cream

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This might sound like a weird combination, but the softness of the rose petal taste goes really well with cheap vanilla ice-cream.

Rose Petal Iced Tea

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Using rose petals to infuse the taste into this iced tea recipes if just as good as saying “I Love You”. But it is best to say that as you present the tea anyway.

Rose Petal Tea Cake

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Indulge your loved ones in the sumptuous delight of rose petal baked cake with an extra tasty vanilla glaze. Made with the highest …

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Rose Petal Jam

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Wake them up this Valentine’s Day with a nice slice of toast covered in thick rose petal jam.

Rose Petal Granola

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Being woken up with a romantic bowl of Granola might not be everyone’s idea of romance, but it is the healthy lover’s way.

Rose Petal Lollipops

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You can use any lollipop mould to make these lickable treats, but to give someone your heart says it all.

Raw Blackberry Cheesecake Topped With Rose Petals

3 – Recipe No Longer Available

Making a cheesecake is sure to win over a lot of peoples hearts. It takes time, effort and shows the person you offer it to that you love them very much.

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Rose Petal Cookies

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Cookies are a lot like love. I don’t know how they are, but it sounded like something sweet to say.

Rose Petal Indian Rice Pudding

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Even on Valentine’s Day you can have a bad meal, or something cooked gone wrong, but it is the dessert that matters. Get that right and a bad meal will soon be forgotten.

Author: Gus Barge

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