Top 10 Reasons Why You Might Avoid Eating Healthily and How to Avoid Them

Top 10 Reasons Why You Might Avoid Eating Healthily and How to Avoid Them
Top 10 Reasons Why You Might Avoid Eating Healthily and How to Avoid Them

It could arguably be said if you want to find reasons not to do something, you surely will. That sentiment is especially true with healthy eating. There are numerous reasons why you might feel compelled to stick to a poor diet, but it’s possible to avoid that urge.



10 – You Think It’ll Be Too Expensive

It’s very common for people to steer clear of healthy foods because they think they’re too expensive. Fortunately, you can find great deals by using coupons, searching through sale ads, and buying food in bulk before freezing it. These solutions make it possible to eat well without spending a fortune. Supermarket loyalty programs could also help you save by offering discounts on the things you buy most often.

9 – You’re Set In Your Ways

Maybe your resistance to healthy eating comes from an unwillingness to change. After all, some changes are scary. Ease into better habits by gradually introducing new, healthier foods. If you take that approach rather than cutting out favourite junk foods immediately, you’ll be more likely to develop lasting habits.

8 – You Don’t Have a Support System

If your spouse complains about new recipes more often than complimenting them, or your friends don’t respect your reasons for wanting to have a better diet, it can be very hard to stick to your guns and change the way you eat. Look for social gatherings in your community that appeal to healthy-minded individuals. While attending those, you’re likely to meet people who share your desire to eat well.

7 – You Don’t Understand Why Junk Food is Bad

Most people know junk food isn’t good for them, but they don’t truly grasp how damaging it can be, especially if consumed regularly over a long period of time. In some cases, individuals get wake-up calls when going for annual physicals and being told they must change, or risk dying too young. Get educated and understand why junk food is meant to be an occasional splurge, not a dietary staple. Then, instead of waiting for dire circumstances, be proactive now and make small, positive changes before damage is done.

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6 – You Have a Perceived Lack of Time

Although it’s faster to zap a TV dinner in the microwave or head to the nearest drive-through restaurant, you may be surprised at how quickly you can cook healthier options. Spend a bit of time every week searching for new, wholesome recipes that are specifically designated as fast meal solutions.

5 – You’re Not Motivated

Doing something differently requires effort. You might feel the energy necessary for healthy eating isn’t worth the payoff. Change that negative mindset by finding tempting dishes that make you see healthy foods in inspired ways. Get a few ideas by going online to image-heavy sites. The HamptonCreek Instagram feed is a good place to start. Not only does it offer pictures to spark your curiosity, but you’ll also find accompanying YouTube links to help you make the recipes.

4 – You Fear Failing

Fear of failure rears its ugly head when doing new things like accepting a job to moving somewhere else. So, it makes sense fear might also cause problems when you attempt to eat better. When anxiety gets overwhelming, remind yourself even if you make mistakes, it’s never too late to get back on track.

3 – You Want to Please Others

Maybe not eating as healthily as you should seems like the path of least resistance in your household. If you’ve just gotten your persistently picky two-year-old to discover a few favourite foods, that’s an understandable reason to avoid introducing a new dietary regimen. Make healthy meals just for yourself, but only if that’s the sole way you can eat well at home.

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2 – You Don’t Want to Feel Deprived

There’s a common misconception that healthy eating means missing out on all the foods you love. In reality, you may find there are better ways to make familiar favourites so you don’t have to avoid them completely. At worst, you can always eat those unhealthy yet beloved items from time to time.

1 – You Travel Frequently

Some people insist eating healthily is next to impossible because they’re always on the road and dining options vary. However, there are many travel-friendly snacks you can bring on your excursions, and numerous websites offer healthy restaurant directories to guide your journeys.

Hopefully, this list clarifies some of the top reasons why people resist eating well. More importantly, now you have the knowledge needed to resist the assumed challenges.

Author: Gus Barge

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