Top 10 Weird And Unusual Tourist Attractions In Georgia

It’s the crossroads between Europe and Asia and is also a former Soviet republic. We are talking about Georgia and there are some pretty awesome and rather unusual things to see and do if you plan to visit it…



Sarpi Border Checkpoint, Sarpi
Sarpi Border Checkpoint, Sarpi

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It marks the border between Georgia and Turkey and is sure to get noticed by anyone coming across it.

Prometheus Cave, Imereti

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Said to be the cave which holds the boulder Prometheus was chained to, it is well worth seeing for the fancy colourful light show!

Leaning Tower of Tbilisi, Tbilisi

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This is no theme park display, this bizarre structure is falling apart, but yet every year the locals repair and look after their leaning clock tower, but it seems their repair skills are not up to much.

The Cable Cars of Chiatura, Chiatura

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The city of Chiatura is too treacherous for miners to travel by foot, so it had a cable car system installed. That was in 1954 and since then it has not been looked after, but yet it is still in use!

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Alphabetic Tower, Batumi

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Made in a DNA style this is said to be the alphabet of humanity, and that double helix style is certainly very familiar.

Bank of Georgia Building, Tbilisi

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It looks like a giant game of Jenga, but this is a bank’s rather unusual headquarters.

Katskhi Pillar, Chiatura

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You have probably seen it before a thousand times, but you probably didn’t know it was located in right here in Georgia.

Vardzia, Erusheti Mountain

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You have to endure a 30-minute steep climb to get to this mysterious monastery, but it is well worth the effort.

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Gergeti Trinity Church, Stepantsminda-Sameba

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Located on a beautiful hilltop, it is located 2160 meters above sea level and the Mountains add a stunning backdrop.

Krubera Cave, Abkhazia

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Often called the “Everest of the caves” this is the world’s deepest cave and it reaches a mind-blowing depth of 1710m. Now that is worth seeing, but only for those who really love their cave exploring.

Author: Gus Barge

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