If you have ever tried bubble tea (or Pearl Tea as it is often called), you will know how cool and refreshing this drink can be. But the real beauty of bubble tea is the versatility of ingredients meaning you really can come up with your own creations…



Top 10 Bubble Tea and Pearl Tea Recipes

Cantaloupe Bubble Tea

10 – Cantaloupe – www.colourfulpalate.com/2013/04/04/how-to-make-bubble-tea-the-healthy-way

This is most probably the healthiest bubble tea recipe you are going to see in this list. With half a cantaloupe and almond milk it is actually good for you!

Top 10 Bubble Tea and Pearl Tea Recipes

Thai Almond Milk Bubble Tea

9 – Thai Almond – www.loveandoliveoil.com/2015/01/thai-almond-milk-bubble-tea.html

While it might have a citrus look to it, this is recipe is nothing like that at all. In fact, it has a smooth, creamy like taste apparently. Sounds good to me!

Top 10 Bubble Tea and Pearl Tea Recipes

Chocolate Rooibos Chia Seed Bubble Tea

8 – Chocolate Rooibos – jeanetteshealthyliving.com/2014/05/chocolate-rooibos-chia-seed-bubble-tea.html

To be honest with you I have no idea what half of these ingredients are let alone what they might taste like, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try it.

Top 10 Bubble Tea and Pearl Tea Recipes

Watermelon Bubble Tea

7 – Watermelon – simply-delicious.org/2014/09/09/mason-jar-pecan-pies-watermelon-bubble-tea-more

There are not many drinks out there that can be made to look like a watermelon let alone taste like it as well! This is a great hot summers day recipe.

Top 10 Bubble Tea and Pearl Tea Recipes

Persian Style Bubble Tea

6 – Persian Style – uk.pinterest.com/theworldstop10

This recipe with cardamom pods and a dash of honey sounds like it could be a great way to experience pearl tea if you have never tried it before. I say that because it sounds such a smooth recipe and not as full on as some of the recipe in this list.

Top 10 Bubble Tea and Pearl Tea Recipes

Matcha Green Bubble Tea.

5 – Matcha Green – bakewithchristina.com/matcha-green-bubble-tea

Green teas are often some of the best flavours, and this recipe made with matcha green tea powder is a cool treat for sure. Funny how the little black tapioca pearls look like paw prints!

Top 10 Bubble Tea and Pearl Tea Recipes

Young Coconut Bubble Tea

4 – Young Coconut – uk.pinterest.com/theworldstop10

This drink is very Ageist! After all, old coconuts have just as much to give a drink as their younger counterparts. What I like about this recipe is how much the black tapioca pearls stand out from the drink.

Top 10 Bubble Tea and Pearl Tea Recipes

Vietnamese Coffee Boba Bubble Tea

3 – Vietnamese Coffee – appetiteforchina.com/recipes/vietnamese-coffee-bubble-tea-boba-drink

While a cup of bubble tea is all well and good it is hard to not order a coffee instead. So why not combine the 2 and have a Coffee bubble tea!

Top 10 Bubble Tea and Pearl Tea Recipes

Strawberry Boba Bubble Tea

2 – Strawberry – www.abeautifulmess.com/2011/08/bubble-tea-recipe-how-to-make-it-at-home.html

With a red velvet texture and whole strawberry to top it off, this summer treat of pearl tea would go down perfectly at the family BBQ.

Top 10 Bubble Tea and Pearl Tea Recipes

Oreo Bubble Tea

1 – Oreo – uk.pinterest.com/theworldstop10

I just don’t care that there isn’t a recipe or making-guide to go with the drink, anyone who can combine Oreo cookies and a healthy tea drink gets my vote. Out of all of these, this is probably the only one I would like to try!


Which one did you like?

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