10 Practical Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit

10 Practical Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit

Working out your space can get quite overwhelming at some point. Getting frustrated about how you will be able to arrange all your furniture to get the layout you’ve always wanted. A lot of households have some good story to tell behind getting a storage space rental.

Little did we know that China began this kind of storage solution way back in ancient times. They put together a small space for strangers to exclusively utilized for the time being. But, what exactly is a rented storage unit, or what also called Self-storage? It is a commercial space where tenants can rent a unit for personal usage. It usually runs around with a monthly rent of $60-$180, depending on what city you are in, how big the room is, and if there’s any contract to begin with. Let’s find out what is the reason for getting a storage unit.


1. Additional Storage

The most common reason to rent is to have additional storage space. In Singapore alone, 95sqm is the size of a typical HDB apartment, including a two-bedroom, one bath, kitchen, living, and dining area. If you are a family of six, storage will be your worst dilemma. Most people opt for a practical solution, which is why renting a storage facility is not only a problem-solver but a way of living for some households too. There are storage facilities available online that you can check based on your location.

2. House-related Concerns

You may stumble with different issues when you’re a homeowner. A perfect way to use self-storage is to handle house-related concerns. There are three main reasons related to housing concern that people can relate to:

  • Home relocation – it will make a move easier as you can arrange all your things according to your plan, first-in-first-out method, and make sure to label all the boxes too!
  • House renovation – they make use of a storage unit to temporarily put all their things intact while they are in the process of doing some elbow grease at home. This way, there will be no clutter when renovating the space, and it allows homeowners to move around freely.
  • Downsizing – using the space to hold all the items from home after de-cluttering is a good solution as well.

3. Organized Office Essentials

If you are a business owner that has a lot of office equipment and supplies, this deal will benefit you in so many ways. You can transform the space into a form of mini-warehouse to store all of your company’s needs from bonds of bond papers, a rim of fax machine paper, pens, etc. Put some cabinets and open shelves for easy access to all the supplies that are often used in the office. This will be your company’s go-to room for all the supplies.

4. Modes of Transformation

A parking space for hot wheels, yes, you heard it right. It can be a tiny parking space for all your motorcycles, bicycles, and even skateboards. It is doable to change the storage unit as temporary parking since it is difficult to have enough space to accommodate all your ride, especially when you are living in high-rise apartments. Making space look more like a garage, adding outdoor mats is the way to go. Also, change an ordinary bulb to track light to make it cosier, and you’re good to go.

5. Tools! Tools! Tools!

This goes well for all the dads and mechanics wannabe to have proper storage for all their tools. Most men indeed love to build and fix things from scratch, which is why they need more than the basic tools in hardware stores, not knowing that they have accumulated so much that it doesn’t have space for it. Renting the unit will be the new home of its tools and other construction-related equipment. Adding pegboards to hold different tools from screwdrivers, a hammer, a handsaw, and drills. Create a simple table with a pre-cut slab of wood and place it on top of the drawers to have a workstation that you can use. However, keep in mind that activities inside a storage unit are not allowed and should be used for storing alone.

10 Practical Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit

6. Donation Drive

One of the most novel things to do is to donate to less fortunate fellowmen. You can use the unit as a storage for all the non-perishable goods that are going to be sorted, packed, and donated in times of need when natural disasters strike. Donations from individuals and organizations will be easier to give with the help of a simple solution.

7. Travelling Purposes

Luggage, suitcases and other bags for travels can perfectly hide in this space. Most of these have large-sized measurements and an eyesore if you put them in your home, so to make this dilemma go away by renting a storage unit to have a home for your travel essentials.

8. A Home for Collectibles

This may be a tricky part, but if you are a collector of amazing artworks and no more space to put those masterpieces, you should consider putting them into a storage unit. Just make sure to have it covered properly with cloth or plastic wrap, and it will preserve the beauty of the art itself.

9. Sports Equipment

We tend to be busy with work most of the time. But, if you are the type who loves the great outdoors that has a place to put your equipment, self-storage is for you. Most adventure junkies have a lot of sports equipment like a kayak, fishing gear, tennis rackets, or even snowboards. It is the right place to stock items that are not being used regularly.

10. Arts and Crafts

An artist has a lot of materials needed to make a wonderful piece of art, from easels, canvass, oils, brushes, and clays. This would be the space where creative minds can maximize the space dedicated to their passion alone. The advantage of using the room will allow the tenant to move around when being artsy.

There may be several reasons why you should rent a storage space, but, whatever the case may be, indeed it is beneficial for you in so many ways. The fact that it has good terms and conditions that are flexible and hassle-free for potential tenants to enjoy. The perks of having an extra space to utilize, it is one great deal, so better sign those contracts now.

Author: Gus Barge

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