Top 10 Ways to Stop Destructive Puppy Chewing

Top 10 Ways to Stop Destructive Puppy Chewing

Puppies are one of the most loved and cheerful companions that we get to meet in our lives. They come in different shapes and sizes, but I will assure you that no matter the breed, they will love us unconditionally.

Even if dogs bring joy and emotional health to us, there are times in their growing up process when we need to have more patience and attention. A very special period of their life is puppyhood when they change their teeth, till 6-8 months and start to chew everything. comes with 10 ways to stop a Puppy Chewing.


1. The environment where you raise your puppy has a major impact on its evolution. Whether you live in a house with a yard or in a flat, it is essential to take the dog for a walk at least once a day.

A dog with unconsumed energy has every chance to destroy by chewing, regardless of age or breed. Keep him busy, play with him, let him run and play with other dogs. People with a yard are luckier, because the dog has space to run and play, without having to keep an eye on him.

2. Training your dog with basic commands like sit, stay, down, will help him understand what he is allowed to do and what not. In this way, you will teach your dog discipline, and this is more likely to consume his energy and stop chewing.

3. Along with the training you should offer him treats, for every new command learned. Treats will keep him eager to learn, it will become obedient and its belly will be happy.

4. Make sure that the dog has different toys for chewing that suit its needs and keep him busy. Speciality stores offer a wide range of models of toys, that your dog will be more than happy to chew.

Toys come in various shapes and forms of use, created for different breeds of dogs. Let him explore and switch the toys between them periodically to keep the interest. Before buying, make sure that the materials from which the toys are made, will not do any harm to the puppy.

5. If your dog has access all over the house, make sure that you hide all the important objects, cables, personal items that might make him chew, and leave toys instead. Teach him to distinguish which objects are for chewing and which not. Without toys, curiosity and boredom will make the puppy interested in exploring the couch or any other piece of furniture.

Top 10 Ways to Stop Destructive Puppy Chewing

6. Keep the furniture safe from chewing by spraying water with lemon, vinegar, or other smelling substance that discourage the dog. Attention, choose natural substances that will not sick in any way to your puppy.

7. Stimulate your dog mentally with special toys. These toys will exercise the dog’s mind and intelligence to find treats.

8. Having a second dog will keep the puppy busy, so in this way, they will entertain themselves without having to destroy the objects around. Just imagine a pound in the backyard or a pile of sand where the dogs can spend their energy. It is true that you have to bathe them after a muddy day, but isn’t this preferable instead of replacing house items or keeping them inside when you cannot take them for a walk?

9. It is very likely for your dog to steal your shoes or clothes, to feel your smell. In this case, you should put nearby his sleeping place a pair of your shoes that you don’t use anymore. The dog will keep the shoes and will leave your personal items.

10. Least but not last, if your dog destroys important objects, under any circumstances do not yell at him or use violence to correct his behaviour, because it will make him afraid of you and will stop him exploring. Explain what is allowed to do and give him chew toys.

Perseverance is the most important thing. It does not matter which method you choose to apply, you have to be patient with your dog and perseverance in teaching. You will thank yourself later. Teach the dog that you are the leader and he will be more than happy to listen to you and do whatever you command.

If you plan to have a dog, make sure you can offer him whatever he needs. Create the best lifestyle for your buddy and be happy to have him around!

Author: Gus Barge

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