Ten Pictures of Dogs Dressed as Flowers Any Gardener Will Love

We saw some rather amazing plants and flowers in my post “Amazing Plants That Look Like Animals” but what about the other way around? Do our fido friends have the strange ability to dress up as flowers? Well, it seems so, and some of them do it rather well…


Top 10 Dogs Dressed as Flowers
Dog in a Flower Costume

10 – Upsy Daisy

He might look like a little weed, but this dog is a beautiful spring flower just waiting to be picked up. Well not so much picked up, more hand knitted to fit your own for your dog.

Top 10 Dogs Dressed as Flowers
Pitbull With Flower hat on

9 – Dangerous Flowers

They might be considered to be a dangerous dog, but it is all about the upbringing as we learned in my post content “Top 10 Facts About Pit Bulls” and this dog goes to show even a butch looking dog like a pit bull can pull off looking like a flower.

Top 10 Dogs Dressed as Flowers
Dog with Flower Cone on

8 – Daisy Chain

I am not really sure what this dog is wearing, or even if it is supposed to wear it! But I suppose as a flower he or she is rather fabulous so gets my green fingers vote. Poking the tongue out for extra colour points would have been best.

Top 10 Dogs Dressed as Flowers
Dog Dressed as Flower

7 – Odd one out?

You might be thinking which one is the dog! But I can tell you that it is the one with the wet-nosed middle. With a wonderful pink colour and large flower bloom, the dog looks great and perfect for a summer party.

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Top 10 Dogs Dressed as Flowers
Basset Hounds Dressed as Flowers

6 – Basset Beauties

What I hate about Basset hounds is that they would make a bin bag look cute. So, of course, sticking them in flower costumes for the Macy’s Flower Show means they got all the attention they could ever want.

Top 10 Dogs Dressed as Flowers
Dog With Flowers on its Head

5 – “I’m Fabulous!”

OK, these are technically weeds, but if ever a dog looks great it is this one. With a ring of flowers on his head and look of pride, he certainly gets my vote. In fact, he looks almost hippy like!

Top 10 Dogs Dressed as Flowers
Dogs Dressed as Flowers

4 – Petal Power

I fancy that one of these dogs is not quite as chuffed as the other one about being dressed up like a flower. But I think they both look lovely and full of the joys of Spring and Summer.

Top 10 Dogs Dressed as Flowers
Pugs Dressed as Flowers

3 – Do Pugs Not Plants

Looking like 2 beautiful summer flower are these 2 prize winning pugs. Pugs always seem to pull off any costume you put them in, so it makes sense that they should look good dressed as flowers.

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Top 10 Dogs Dressed as Flowers
Poodle Flower Doodle

2 – Garden Poodle?

This is the art of the Poodle doodle and we have already seen the best of them in my post “Top 10 Poodle Doodles” but it is still worth seeing this one again for the dog dressed up as a flower vote.

Top 10 Dogs Dressed as Flowers
Dog sat in plant pot with cone around head

1 – “They said I could become anything, so I become a flower!”

Sometimes you just have dreams to be something people tell you, you will never be. Well, that didn’t stop this dog from achieving his lifetime goal of becoming a flower. But a lack of colour means he is not the prettiest flower in the garden.

Author: Gus Barge

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