10 Must-Have Equipments To Prepare Your Home For Covid-19 Lockdown

10 Must-Have Equipments To Prepare Your Home For Covid-19 Lockdown
10 Must-Have Equipments To Prepare Your Home For Covid-19 Lockdown

Due to the current global worry and panic of dealing with an unprecedented worldwide emergency, preparing your home for a lockdown is crucial to help you handle the next period of time. While all of us have rushed to stock up on food, water, and medical supplies, we sometimes overlook that we need to have equipment at home that can help us cope with staying at home all day. Coping means not being stuck without a solution in extreme emergencies, and it also means having the means to keep ourselves entertained while we are forced to stay at home during the pandemic. So we have gathered a list of 10 items you must have to help you through the COVID-19 lockdown.


A Generator

Having a backup generator at home is just common sense for everyday use; it is even more crucial during any emergency lockdown. With a generator, you won’t worry if you experience any power outages. A generator will ensure that your house lights, appliances, and electrical equipment will function when you need them to. Before you purchase one, you need to first consider what you will use it for. According to the guidelines on Ablesales.com.au, there are a number of factors to consider before purchasing a generator. So figure out the appliances you need to power as well as the power rating you need in an emergency, and then choose accordingly.

A Water Filter/Purifier

Just like having backup electricity, you need to have an emergency water filter. During these times, ensuring that your drinking water is not contaminated with any pollutants is vital for your well-being. With a lockdown in effect, running out to get bottled water, or even finding enough supplies in stores is uncertain. So having a water filter to clean and purify your water from your kitchen tap is a safe and convenient way to ensure you don’t run out of drinking water.

Robust Wi-Fi

As you might have noticed, during times of crisis and emergencies, networks tend to get overloaded and slow down significantly due to the increase in network traffic. However, sometimes you need a way to stay connected to your loved ones who are not staying with you in lockdown. Having a portable Wi-Fi gadget that will provide you with a stronger signal or utilize your mobile hotspot to power several types of electronics is a lifesaver.

A TV / TV Projector

This goes without saying as part of your entertainment plan. Keeping distracted during your time indoors is important to keep morale up. So having a TV or a TV projector to watch movies and shows on will prove to be worthwhile.

Gaming/Entertainment System

If you or your family love games and video games, then setting up an entertainment section that caters to each family member’s interest will be of value. Make sure that you have several joysticks, a few earphones to keep noise at a minimum, and schedule taking turns when playing, so you can all let off some steam while you pass the lockdown hours together.

Workout Equipment

Part of keeping distracted is trying to retain a somewhat normal schedule and daily routine. Dedicating time for exercise and being active is as important to your health as taking medicine and eating healthy. So invest in some exercise equipment such as a pair of dumbbells, an exercise ball, and maybe a treadmill or a stepper for a total home-workout that will keep you active and help keep your heart healthy.

Face Masks

10 Must-Have Equipments To Prepare Your Home For Covid-19 Lockdown
10 Must-Have Equipments To Prepare Your Home For Covid-19 Lockdown

Keeping a stock of face masks at home, preferably the recommended N-95 type, is advisable. While face masks aren’t as effective as washing your hands with soap, it does provide an added layer of protection. This is especially if your household still orders food or grocery deliveries and deals with delivery workers coming in from the outside, or still needs to run urgent errands outside and be prepared with the right protective gear.

A Flashlight

Having a battery-operated or a solar-charged flashlight on hand is very useful. You might experience a power outage, and in order to save on your generator power, using flashlights to get around will be more convenient than using candles. Flashlights can also be used as an S.O.S signal if ever needed.

A Manual Can-Opener

Due to this pandemic lockdown, no doubt you will have stocked up your pantry with food supplies including canned goods. Having a manual can-opener, as a backup to an electrical one, will prove useful in the event that the electrical one stops working, or that there is no electricity to power it. You might never need to use it; however, knowing that it is there will save you the need to be figuring out how to open cans with a knife.

Battery Powered Radio

Reverting back to old school gadgets, having a battery-powered radio might seem redundant with all the power generators, our Wi-Fi, cell phones, and electronic equipment. However, in the event that things take turn for the worse, and the electricity shuts down and your generator dies, you need to be able to have a means of communication or at least a way to keep up with the news in your area. This is really a backup for your backup plan.

COVID-19 pandemic is a troubling time for everyone around the world. While it is a very trying experience, many things can be done to help us stay safe and sane while in lockdown. No doubt we all made a checklist of all the basics we need to have enough of, such as food, water, medical supplies, and a well-maintained house. However, as essential as those things are, having the right equipment to keep us going through a prolonged homestay is essential. While some of the items listed may seem extreme, being prepared for the unknown future is better than being stuck without a solution if you ever need it. So check your house and see which of the above items can be of a valuable addition to your emergency stay-at-home plan for you and your family’s well-being during these difficult times.

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