Ten Facts About Online Gambling in Canada You Might Find Interesting

Ten Facts About Online Gambling in Canada You Might Find Interesting

While you are not going to learn any real-world casino facts here (thanks to a certain lockdown) you will learn some amazing facts about online gambling. In fact, since the lockdown, there has been a massive increase in the number of people using an online casino in Canada. Today we look at some interesting stats and figures about online gambling all taken from reports by Canada’s national statistical agency. So you know these numbers are pretty much spot on…


Online Casino Searches

The number of Canadians looking for an online casino or slot site has not increased as much as you would think. While sites have recorded a 20% increase in site visits only 5% extra sign up. But then again maybe they are waiting for better sign up bonuses.

Canadian Females Gamble More!

While the stats are pretty close there is still a significant difference in the percentage of women using online casinos than there are men. 46% of online accounts are male and 54% are females. Although it is thought that more men will use females accounts than the other way around.

Ontario is the Gambling Capital!

While a lot of this is down to the population of the various cities the stats are still very impressive with 39% of ALL online casino account being from that area! That’s almost half of all the account in Canida!

It’s All About The Sports

I’m sure there are plenty of people in Canida that love playing their online slot games, but a whopping 37% of all online gambling are national sports-related! I love how this shows how passionate the Canadians are for their sport and really get behind their teams (even to the point of putting their own money on them!).

Slots Still Rule!

And in a close 2nd is online slots. With 28% of online players using them. While you could say a lot of people will do both these are still interesting facts that leave just 35% for all other online casino games.

Not Lovers of Tables Games

If you combine all the table casino games like poker and roulette you only get 11% of players. While this isn’t particularly interesting it does make me wonder what the remaining 24% of online gamblers in Canadia are playing!?

Online Players Win More

As of right now, you might not be surprised to learn that 96% of all gambling wins are done online (the rest being lottery and cards from shops that are still open). But what is surprising is that the numbers last year were 92% of all wins being online!

Which Site To Choose From

As of last years stats, there is believed to be 2000+ online casino sites registered to accept Canadian residents. But when this number of sites is thought to be higher, in reality, it goes to show that you need to make sure the site is accepted with the Canadian Gaming Association to make sure you are safe.

Canadas Biggest Win Was…

As per usual when it comes to gambling it was a lottery win that was the countries largest and in Canada, that lotto is the Lotto 6/49 jackpot and it was on October 17, 2015, for a jackpot of $64 million! And yes, they did indeed have to pay tax on that, which I can only guess was a lot of money gone before they got theirs.

Bet Small or Pay More!

No, this isn’t a tip on how to play slots or table games… it’s a FACT! If you win more $13,000 Canadian dollars while gambling online or in the real world you have to pay tax on those winnings and declare it a profession! So keep your bets small and make sure it remains little more than a bit of fun rather than a profession. So keep your bets small and make sure it remains little more than a bit of fun rather than a profession. And if you want to find the best Canadian online casinos, don’t forget to read the reviews.

Author: Gus Barge

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