Ten Amazing Cartoon Works of Art by the Talented Marty Cooper

Over the next few weeks I hope to bring you some of the very best cartoon art styles added to real life. These included cardboard cutouts, fantasy scenes and many others, including this post that is the amazing work of storyboard artist Marty Cooper. He always carries around with him a transparency sheet, and pens so when he finds the inspiration he draws it there and then. The results are not only amazing but also great fun as well…

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Top 10 Best Cartoons in Real Life (Transparency Sheet)
Cow in a bowl Cartoon Art

10 – “This soup is cold.” – mcgnarcal.tumblr.com

Twyla Tharp once said: “Walt Disney was a master of the human psychology. His sense of timing, sense of speed. In a sense, those cartoons are like Rorschach tests.”

Eggs Climbing up Egg Boxes Cartoon Art

9 – “Hurry up before they pick us!” – mcgnarcal.tumblr.com

Nicolas Cage once said: “Mel Blanc is a hero because of what he could do with his voice for all the Looney Tunes, the Warner Brothers cartoons, to be the voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig.”

Traffic Cone Singing Cartoon Art

8 – “The hills are alive….” – mcgnarcal.tumblr.com

John Kricfalusi once said: “I don t think cartoons are only for kids, but I think kids will love anything as long as it’s visually interesting.”

Monster Clinging to Post Cartoon Art

7 – “Stop taking pictures and help me!” – mcgnarcal.tumblr.com

Joseph Barbera once said: “I never got tired of Tom and Jerry, but I did have a dream of doing more with my life than making cartoons.”

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Naked Monster Fishing

6 – “Nothing beats naked fishing, absolutely nothing.” – mcgnarcal.tumblr.com

Angie Harmon once said: “I keep waiting, like in the cartoons, for an anvil to drop on my head.”

Mosquito Drinking Starbucks Cartoon Art

5 – “Need caffeine, so badly.” – mcgnarcal.tumblr.com

Mike Dirnt once said: “I have a daughter and she’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me because she gives me a good excuse to watch cartoons again.”

Starbucks Cup Cleaner Cartoon Art

4 – “I hate my job, I really do.” – mcgnarcal.tumblr.com

David Remnick once said: “98% of the people who buy a news magazine say they read the cartoons first – and the other 2% are lying.”

Tennis Ball Characters Cartoon Art

3 – “So which one of us will be the ball?!?” – mcgnarcal.tumblr.com

Joseph Barbera once said: “Making cartoons means very hard work at every step of the way, but creating a successful cartoon character is the hardest work of all.”

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Angry Construction Rabbit Cartoon Art

2 – “Come on Joe, get that thing shifted, you’re not paid to sleep.” – mcgnarcal.tumblr.com

Shigeru Miyamoto once said: “I used to draw cartoons. I’d just show them to some of my friends, expecting that they were going to appreciate them, that they were going to enjoy reading them.”

Scared Dragon going down a slide cartoon art

1 – “Too fast…too fffaaasstttt!” – mcgnarcal.tumblr.com

Lynda Barry once said: “I was unable to sleep and I would stay up and draw these little cartoons. Then a friend showed them around. Before I knew it I was a cartoonist.”

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