Top 10 Casino Secrets: Poker Player Tips

Top 10 Casino Secrets: Poker Player Tips
Top 10 Casino Secrets: Poker Player Tips

The amount of poker playing tips on the web is probably countless, but these ten tips you are about to read are not secret strategies that might get you thrown out of the Casinos, these are professional playing tips that will keep you on the straight and narrow…


10 – The First Why

Before you sit down to play at any poker game, decided why you are there. Are you there to win, or are you just happy to have some fun. There is a difference and your style of play should represent which one you have decided.

9 – Stop the Noobs

At every table be it online play or a real casino will have one table with some new players on it. They are pretty easy to spot and are well worth keeping an eye out for.

8 – Don’t Be Afraid to Fold

Most people will try and play every hand they are dealt with, but by folding more will often lure your opponents into thinking you are getting a bad hand all the time, then when you play on you can often win on the worst of all deals because they believe you would have had a much better hand.

7 – Old Friends To New

When playing with a group of friends or local poker players always make sure you are playing with a new, sealed pack of cards. This might sound like you don’t trust them, but the oldest of poker players will often use the oldest of tricks to win.

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6 – Stay Clear Headed

I know this tip has been printed a thousand times before, but it is one of the main reason people lose. If you are playing to have fun that is all well and good to have a drink but don’t expect to win big and drink loads.

5 – Hands and Eyes

Keep an eye on which table cards people hands are aimed at and which ones their glaze is going for. This is often one of the easiest ways to tell what an opponent might have.

Top 10 Casino Secrets: Poker Player Tips
Top 10 Casino Secrets: Poker Player Tips

4 – Become Spock

I don’t mean live long and prosper, what I mean is don’t ever bring emotions to the poker table. Not happy, sad and definitely not anger.

3 – Be Gracious at All Times

No one likes a sore loser and no one likes a gloating winner. So be gracious throughout the game no matter what the outcome.

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2 – Which and How

This goes for online play as well, make sure you know the rules of the game before you spend a single chip. There are hundreds of variations on poker and at ‘mates tables’ they will often be rules they make themselves!

1 – YouTube Yourself

Not only should you watch as many poker player videos as possible, but also film yourself playing a few times. This will help you develop that perfect poker face and help you to cut down on those telltale signs of what sort of cards you are holding. It’s not good filming yourself alone playing it, try asking some friends if you can film only yourself when you play a few games with them.

Author: Gus Barge

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