Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Mass Effect Gift Ideas

For those who don’t know, Mass Effect is an epic science fiction, action, role-playing videogame that had grown a lot of fans over the years. But only a true Mass Effect fan would be worthy of these ten amazing gift ideas that are all themed around the game…


Mass Effect N7 Hoodie
Mass Effect N7 Hoodie

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Sadly it won’t help you fight reapers, but it will keep you nice and warm even in the coldest spaces of the Galaxy.

Mass Effect 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

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This pretty tough jigsaw puzzle was made to celebrate the anniversary of the Mass Effect trilogy and is Sam Spratt’s “Saga” artwork

Mass Effect N7 Socks

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I’m not sure even Commander Shepard would wear these, but an extra layer of N7 armour is always welcome, even if it is on your feet.

Mass Effect Monopoly

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This is no street walk, in this version of Monopoly, you will travel the world hoping to buy, sell and trade planets on your way to supremacy.

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Mass Effect N7 Baseball Cap

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I think the N7 Special Forces would approve of these. Show the world you are as tough as Commander Shepard and willing to show people that you love playing Mass Effect.

Mass Effect Turian Cruiser Replica

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Sadly it isn’t a full-size replica of a Turian Cruiser, bit it is still pretty awesome and would look amazing on an office desk or game room cabinet.

Mass Effect Pop! Characters

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I have never really understood the craze with these Pop! Bobblehead characters, but these Mass Effect certainly got my attention.

Mass Effect Official Game Guide

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Mass Effect is a very big game and it doesn’t matter how good you are at playing it, this game guide will teach you at least something new.

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Mass Effect N7 Armour Scarf

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This would be the perfect companion with the socks we saw earlier. Both of them combined would keep even a Reaper fleet hibernating in extra-galactic dark space warm.

Mass Effect Geth Pulse Rifle Replica

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This amazing full-size replica of a Geth pulse rifle sadly doesn’t fire real pulse shots, but for a bit of cosplay fun, it would be perfect.

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