The Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories You Can Buy Right Now

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a Nintendo Switch already you will know there are quite a few accessories out there already for it. But which ones are good and which are pointless? I take a look and pick just ten of the very best of them…


Nintendo Switch Screen Protector
Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

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One of these is a must, especially if you plan to take it around the place, to a friends house or on holiday. Put simply, it keeps that precious screen scratch free!

Nintendo Switch Deluxe Travel Case

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Take a few games, the console and some side gamepads with you no matter where you go and all neat and tidy inside this Deluxe Travel Case.

Nintendo Switch Playstand

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You can’t carry around the official stand that comes with the Switch, but this little one is perfect for on the go gaming in a coffee shop or placed on a friends coffee table.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wheel

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Planning on screaming around the track in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? You might play a little better if you have these wheel accessories. Even if they don’t make you a better player, they will make the game more fun.

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Nintendo Switch Heavy Duty Case

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Being portable doesn’t make it drop proof, so if you do take it everywhere you go, one of these might come in very handy.

Nintendo Switch Joy-con Gamepad Grips

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These might look a little pointless, but for those of us with bigger hands, they are a must. Plus, it’s cheaper than getting the official controller.

Nintendo Switch Messenger Bag

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It’s stylish, strong and can carry your Switch and a couple of these accessories all at the same time! The perfect Switch party bag.

Nintendo Switch Decal Stickers

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It’s OK if you have the Red and Blue coloured Switch, but us Grey owners (like myself) like to jazz our switch up a bit with some cool decals giving that boring grey body a touch of colour.

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Nintendo Switch X4 Joy-Con Controller Charger Dock

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Got more than 1 set of Joy-Con Controllers? Why not charge all 4 at the same time with this rather handy charging dock. Pretty stylish as well.

Nintendo Switch Large Portable Charger

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Sadly the Switch eats power like it was noodles and getting out and about with it can seem like a charging nightmare. But not with this large power bank that will charge it up for several days on end! Now that is portable power.

Author: Gus Barge

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