Top 10 New Amazing Features Implemented In the Gambling Industry

Top 10 New Amazing Features Implemented In the Gambling Industry

From the primitive dice rolling and card games in 100A.D to automated betting shops with touch screen kiosks of the modern era, it is evident that technology has played a major role in the evolution and sophistication of the gambling industry. The gambling industry has grown many folds, and technology has played a pivotal role in the development of the betting industry.

Mobile Betting

The mobile gambling industry alone is worth more than 100bn $ in recent times. The internet and smartphones have changed many industries and betting one is no exception. A digital footprint is present in every industry. Mobile gambling rose by 75% in 2012 and continuing its uptrend to date. Mobile gambling has a share of 40% of the total online gambling industry. One hundred sixty-four million people use their smartphones to visit online casino websites.


Modern online casinos give you an excellent gaming experience. GPS (Global positioning system) gives information about your exact location to the website. RFID (radio frequency identification) and Wi-Fii guide you to an available network. With these technologies, everything is in your grasp on your smartphone. With the help of GPS technology, casino owners allure you by sending notifications and invitations through your smartphone. You are free to decide to visit the casino or opt for a live streaming video. This technology provides you with a lively, realistic experience without visiting the casino.

The maximum level of lucidity

Modern technology ensures permanent records of unalterable and confirmable transactions. With the help of technology, web-based casinos provide you with a ledger of the highest level of transparency. This technology solves many problems for many industries. The unalterable and open ledger is open for preview to anyone. Blockchain provides the trail of your money when you transact in web-based casinos or online gambling.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Many technologies work behind the scene to give you a superb gaming experience when you play online casinos. Augmented reality is one such technology. Augmented Reality technology superimposes virtual images on objects. This technology improves casino software and enhances the gaming experience by an amalgamation of virtual reality with the real world. The streaming video becomes realistic whatever you see, the tables, players the staff’s everything.

This technology gives an edge to the user to help the casino owner to stand in the crowd. This state of the art technology gives you astounding gaming experience. From the early 1990s, this technology has been used extensively by online and mobile casinos for a better gaming experience. New developments are made every day on this technology, but practical benefits are limited to online casinos.

Artificial Intelligence

Innovative technologies are implemented by the gambling industry to satisfy consumer trends. The gambling industry has transformed from physical to digital. This software determines what you like and what you don’t. With this information, they can create a better user experience while you gamble online. With this technology, they can create a tailor-made user experience that you like. There are artificial intelligence systems like BetBuddy, which can detect behavioural patterns of online gamblers. With this technology, the casino owner can warn some gamblers of their addictive nature of gambling. Artificial Intelligence makes one casino site owner more competitive from their peers, by patronizing clients’ priorities. For more info, ZeroGPT is an AI detector tool to detect ChatGPT generated text

Facial Reorganization

Surveillance technology is developing at a rapid rate over a couple of years. Land-based casinos are using this software for surveillance purposes. Casinos create Ids by using biometric technology from their CCTV footage. With this facial reorganization technology, they can identify a “barred” player and stop the player from entering the casino.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things has sea changed the online gambling industry. It has enhanced gaming devices and hardware. It has changed how you play games on the internet. The technology is evolving and has little implication on the gambling industry. Smartwatch casino, first conceptualized in 2014, is not a dream anymore. The first smartwatch game was a slot one that fitted in a small watch.


Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology are not newly developed software, but their implementation in the gambling industry is growing in an innovative way. Cryptocurrencies are gaining acceptability in the gambling industry as it does not have the hassle of currency conversion and exchange rate.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) is the latest technology which gives an x-factor to your user experience. It gives you a 3D(3 dimensional ) experience while playing online. The digital representation is a perfect replica of the physical world. The gambling companies are exploring rapaciously to create a new landscape of reality that resembles the physical world.

Wearable technology

Wearable technology is evolving fast; with this, you can gamble through wearable devices. Through your smartphone, you can play casino games like slot machines. There are the hefty amount invested for research and development of this technology so that gambling could be brought to wearable devices.

New developments in technology make games easier and enhanced, gives you better and quick service. Technology also plays a vital role in developing new games. With the advent of technology and the internet, people prefer online gambling than visiting land-based casinos. These new technologies are offering you a wide range of choices. There are different varieties of popular games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and other games. The choice of games is virtually unlimited in the virtual world of casinos. It is becoming popular day by day and altered the gambling industry in an enthralling and amazing way.

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