Ten Signs the Mobile Gaming Market is Growing For Slot Games in 2020

Ten Signs the Mobile Gaming Market is Growing For Slot Games in 2020
Ten Signs the Mobile Gaming Market is Growing For Slot Games in 2020

Is the mobile gaming market growing for slot games in 2020? The answer is yes. In fact, the mobile gaming market is always growing and that’s part of the reason why it’s so exciting – it offers a lot and can deliver in a short amount of time to everyone who is interested in finding out more and delving deeper into mobile gaming.

But when we talk specifically about slot games, there is a lot to unpack. After all, the basic premise is very simple; you pay your money, tap a button, and the rest is down to luck and chance. You might win, you probably won’t, but the thrill and excitement are enough to keep you happy and playing. It seems more and more people are getting into this digital form of slots and here are ten of the main reasons why it is growing so fast…



Slots played on a mobile device are much more convenient than slots played on anything else, even a laptop. And since most people have at least one (and usually more) mobile device in their homes, it makes sense for them to enjoy their gaming in this way. Mobile gaming can, therefore, offer a more convenient way for them to play slots whenever they want to, even if they only have a couple of minutes, and that means the market can grow.
Not everyone has the time to visit an internet casino, and even fewer have the time to visit a traditional one. But everyone can find the time to play on their phones, even if it’s only for a little while. So of course, the market for mobile slots is growing because more people have access to these games, and they enjoy them.


So we know that more people are playing online slots, but what else is making the market grow apart from how easy it is to do? It’s the variety that you can get when you play. ‘Something for everyone’ may seem like a trite phrase, but when it comes to online gaming, it’s crucial. Some will prefer to play slots, others will like different sorts of casino games. And then there are the adventure gamers, the shoot ‘em ups, the point and clicks, and many more.

As long as there is plenty of choice for those who want to play their favourite kinds of games on their mobile devices then there will definitely be a growing market for them in 2020 and beyond.

The Market

Mobile gaming and the slots associated with it are also growing in popularity because of the market itself. The people who are playing are those who have grown up with mobile devices, and for whom it’s not a hardship – or even something to particularly think about – to play an online slot game via their phones or tablets. Because they are not worried about using the technology or paying for their games in this mobile way, they are more willing to try things out, and that will certainly help the market to grow in 2020 and well beyond.


For all those players who enjoyed playing the slot machines in real life, 2020 might well have changed the way the play forever, especially the older demographic. It’s not just the touching of the machine that might be a risk, but it is also going outside as we will see in our next reason…

Staying Home

A lot of us around the world are seeing an increase in protests and other factors that make us think twice about going out, especially to a brick and mortar casino. So staying home is the new going out. Besides, playing slots online with your own PC is much better and you don’t have to pay all that extra for snacks and drinks!

Better Smartphones

If you think back just 10 years the latest smartphone was the iPhone 4 or the Samsung Galaxy S! These just didn’t have the screen quality to play slot games on them and even if they had the graphical power it would have looked rubbish.

Peoples Attitudes

You will be truly surprised at the number of people who think mobile is not safe to insert bank details to, let alone tap and pay for things in shops. So playing slots on a smartphone is not something they would ever dream of doing. The good news is fewer people are feeling that way and while this is a small group of people it could well result in the growth in numbers when taking many of these other reasons into account.

Lock Downs

It’s not just the coronavirus itself that might be stopping people from playing slots in real-world casinos, it could well be the governments or even the casino owners themselves as many casinos are yet to open their doors several months after being locked down. While this might lead to more job losses on the flip-side of things it will mean more people using their mobiles to have a little spin on their favourite slot games.

Better Deals

Something I am seeing a lot more is better and better sign up deals with casino sites. Once upon a time, these were quite small as bigger sites tested the waters, but now you can get some crazy sign up deals as companies have discovered the value of your email address alone, without any payment being taken. If you take advantage of many different sites you can always make your cash go a lot further.

The Growth of Social Chat

While not every site has this feature a lot of them do. It is usually a small community chat box at the side of the screen so players can talk to each other. This “social aspect” could well be a big reason for the growth of this market as more people seek a connection to others. While you could say that this reason would only see a minuscule growth of online players it could still be a contributing factor.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed reading these reasons why the mobile gaming market has been growing and I would love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments below.

Author: Gus Barge

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