Top 10 National Football League (NFL) Cornerbacks of All Time

Top 10 National Football League (NFL) Cornerbacks of All Time

The National Football League (NFL) has had a number of terrific cornerbacks in its many years in
existence. These players can make all the difference, and below, we’re going to take a look at some
standout characters.

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1. Antoine Winfield

Antoine Winfield played for 14 years in the NFL, including five years with the Buffalo Bills and nine
years with the Minnesota Vikings.

While playing for the Vikings, he received three Pro Bowl selections, the equivalent of the All-Star
game, making him one of the elite cornerbacks of his day. Throughout his career, he made over 1,000

2. Asante Samuel

Asante Samuel was a powerful cornerback who made his name playing with the New England
Patriots, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons.

He’s a two-time Super Bowl champion as well as being selected four years in a row for the Pro Bowl
team. He also finished top for interceptions in the NFL in both 2006 and 2009.

Samuel was a force to be reckoned with and will go down as one of the best cornerbacks ever.

Mike Haynes

3. Mike Haynes

Mike Haynes is a legend of the game. In his 14-year career, he won the Super Bowl, NFL Defensive
Rookie of the Year and nine Pro Bowl selections.

He played for both the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Riders. Following his career, he
was included in the NFL 75th and 100th All-Time Team, as well as being inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame. The Patriots also retired his number — 40.

4. Emlen Tunnell

Emlen Tunnell, also known as “The Gremlin”, was the first African American to play for the New York
Giants and also the first to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. In his 14-year career, he was an NFL
champion twice, was selected for the Pro Bowl nine times, seven of which were in a row. He was also
named to the NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team.

5. Darrell Green

Darrell Green was nicknamed the “Ageless Wonder” for his ability to play at such a high level even
later on in his career. He was one of the fastest players in the history of the NFL and that made him a
formidable cornerback.

Green is a two-time Super Bowl Champion, won the NFL Man of the Year in 1996 and won the Bart
Starr Award in 1997. He made over 1,100 tackles in his career, which led to him being inducted into
the Hall of Fame.

Ronnie Lott

6. Ronnie Lott

Ronnie Lott had an incredible career that spanned 14 years. In that time, he won four Super Bowls,
was selected for 10 Pro Bowl teams and secured the NFL interceptions leader twice, as well as the
forced fumbles crown too.

He made the NFL All-Decade Team in the 1980s and the 1990s. He made such an impact that the
San Francisco 49ers retired his jersey number — 42.

7. Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders is another legend of the sport, winning two Super Bowls and the NFL Defensive Player
of the Year in 1994.

Nicknamed “Prime Time”, he also won eight Pro Bowl selections and made the NFL 1990s All-Decade

On top of all of this, he played in the MLB’s World Series.

Mel Blount

8. Mel Blount

Another legend of the sport is Mel Blount. The Pittsburgh Steelers man won an impressive four Super
Bowls and the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 1975. He also won five Pro Bowl selections and
the NFL interceptions title in 1975.

His impact on the sport is so great he was inducted into the Steelers’ All-Time Team and their Hall of
Honour, as well as the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame.

9. Rod Woodson

Woodson won the Super Bowl and NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 1993. He also made 11 Pro
Bowl selections as well as being picked twice for the All-American team. He made over 1,000 tackles
and 71 interceptions.

10. Dick Lane

Richard Lane, also known as “Night Train” Lane, was one of the most ferocious tacklers in NFL
history. While he didn’t win any titles in his 14-year career, he received seven Pro Bowl selections and was chosen for the NFL 1950s All-Decade Team and three All-Time Teams.

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