Ten of The Best Gambling Softwares In 2022

There are a plethora of amazing gambling software on the horizon in 2022, and the ten software technologies we are going to tell you about today may even have the potential to revolutionise the industry as a whole. There are constant innovations in the gambling hemisphere, all of which are created to fulfil their specific purpose.

However, some developments happen to have more potential than others, and we can almost guarantee that you are going to come away from this article with overwhelming excitement for the future of this industry. Let’s jump straight into it and take a look at the ten best gambling software of 2022.

3D Slots
3D Slots

3D slots are an exciting new innovation within the gambling hemisphere, and there is no doubt that this entry is going to make a sizable portion of you very excited. To give you a brief explanation of 3D slots; 3D slots function the exact same as 2D slots, with the sole exception being their highly-improved graphics which give them the illusion of being three-dimensional.

Whilst this might not be the most mind-blowing development, 3D slots are going to give some well-needed diversity to the slots industry, and it is likely that many people will choose to go with them over their 2D counterparts. 3D slots have already started to hit some select casinos around the world, and with a little searching, you may even be able to find one right now.

It is incredibly likely that 3D slots are going to become extremely widespread in the coming months, and it would not be a surprise to see most high-level casinos implement them in droves.

VR in Gaming And Casinos

VR has been the focus for many of the most popular online casino software developers for a while now, and it seems as though we are finally making some noticeable progress. Whilst VR has yet to be widely implemented across most casinos in 2022, there are certain niche establishments that already offer this technology, and you could find a VR game of blackjack (or any other game of your choice) with relative ease.

There are also a ton of virtual reality casino apps out there that can allow you to play on your phone – something that is much more common than through other mediums as of now.

VR is going to change the gambling industry as we know it once it gets fully fleshed out, and it is likely that it is going to skyrocket in popularity once people begin to acquire VR headsets and other VR technologies.

This is so much the case that it begs the question of whether or not regular online casinos will even be around in just a few years’ time – why would you want to play at a bog-standard casino when you can practically go to a casino just without any of the additional headaches that come with travelling?

VR is going to change the whole world, and out of all of the industries it is going to affect, the gambling industry is perhaps going to benefit from its development the most.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is pretty advanced software, and as you may already know, it is already a thing on most high-end smartphones in 2022. Although, it has still yet to reach its true potential in terms of its applications, and this is something that is going to start being realised in 2022.

Facial recognition would be huge for the gambling industry – it would stop identity fraud, get rid of the arduous sign-up process that most casinos/betting hubs have, and it would also just make logging into sites much faster.

Moreover, you don’t even need to have even the faintest idea of how facial recognition works in order to relish in its innumerable benefits – you just show your face and rest easy.

AR in Gaming And Casinos

AR in Gaming And Casinos

People are always surprised when you tell them that AR in gaming is already a thing, in the form of Pokémon GO and many other AR games. But AR in casinos is not something you hear a lot about, but it is out there. There like AR photo opportunities and AR directions to casinos are already becoming used more and more. It is thought that AR is going to transform the world of online casinos within the next few decades.

Software Wallets

Do you know what a Blockchain wallet is? In short, it is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to store and manage different kinds of cryptocurrencies. These virtual wallets are safe, secure and pretty much unhackable. While some casinos are using them today their number is still low, but that is growing all the time.


While some people will try and tell you that NFTs are as good as dead their use by various entertainment industries is still growing. In fact, there are many different forms of “digital assets” that casinos are trying with many offering wins in that form, or even allowing the gambling of digital items.

The Metaverse

This is not to be confused with exclusively AR or VR-related technologies, in fact, you can view and live in the Metaverse in a number of different ways. Once a single Metaverse world is established you will see all the online casinos and big brand betting sites jumping into it.

No-Code Platforms

No-code software development? Sounds like the stuff promotional dreams are made of, but it is something that is not only a reality, but also something the casino industry is keeping a firm eye on. While there is some base code in these forms of software the bulk is done by programming steps which means there is no need for software engineers at all.



You just knew this would show up and boy is it growing in 2022. Just imagine no more people carrying on with problem betting, people being prevented from using money/cards or currency that isn’t theirs, all these things are possible with the use of AI and in the casino industry, it is often seen as a way to offer people a safety net without the need for them to get further into debt.

Machine Learning

While this does go hand in hand with AI learning, just imagine a world in which a slot machine stops the player from gambling because their bets have become erratic. Or maybe an online slot game that detects your heartbeat and builds it up to a safe high so you can enjoy the gambling a little more! It sounds crazy, but studies have shown it is possible to do this.

The ten pieces of software that we have featured in this article are going to change the gambling industry forever. For an industry as big as the gambling industry, the introduction of such technologies is going to affect millions of people all over the world, and it is likely that many people are going to be very happy once all of said software gets rolled out to the fullest extent.

It’s certainly an excellent time to be in the gambling industry – it is very rare that we get to view industry-altering occasions akin to this. Have fun, and we will see you next time.

Author: Gus Barge

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