Top 10 Examples of Modern Cat Vs Older Cat

How your cat reacts to its environment is constantly changing. From things being different sizes to things vanishing from the home and garden. So I thought it would be fun to show you ten images that represent those changes…



Top 10 Examples of Modern Cat Vs Older Cat
How Cats Get About Has Changed

10 – Getting About

While they can’t drive cars cats do love a little bit of luxury when getting drove about town looking for dogs to torment. Seems things have changed rather a lot.

How Cats Appear in The Press Has Changed

9 – Appear In The Press

The image on the left is Cat Stevens with cats and was considered quite unique, but these days, of course, all heartthrobs seem to jump on the cats bandwagon.

How Cats Gets Dressed up Has Changed

8 – Dressed up

From dapper cats with suit and tie to the hoodie for cats who like to go casual to everything. But secretly I still think the cat in the hoodie looks cooler.

How Cats Hunt Birds Has Changed

7 – Hunting Birds

OK, so this is not true. But give or take a few years and it just might become a reality! A very scary one for dogs and mice alike.

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How Cats Read Has Changed

6 – Reading

Sure, cats can’t really read, but they like to pretend they could. Reading with a tablet for a cat is a lot easier because they can just swipe to turn the pages.

How Cats Sleep on TV’s Has Changed

5 – Sleeping on TV’s

This is a great example of something cats can no longer do. They used to sleep on TV’s because it was nice and warm on top, but now things are not quite that easy.

How Cats Catch Mice Has Changed

4 – Catching Mice

OK, so this is more a play on words rather than anything serious. But if a cat could understand your words this might well be a real situation!

How Cats Learn Has Changed

3 – Learning

From scratching a record to being amused by the Blu-Ray popping out of the player. But with more things going into the cloud there is even less for them to play with these days!

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How Cats Sleep Has Changed

2 – Beds

People have been repurposing TVs for a while now. From the days of the old Goggle-box to the more modern Apple monitor screens.

How Cats Play Has Changed

1 – Playtime

They used to play with a ball of wool. Now you see videos of cats playing with i-pads and phones all the time. The humble cat, forever learning and adapting to its environment.

Author: Gus Barge

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