Top 10 Cats Born With Unusual Birth Defects and Fur Markings

All of these ten cats you are about to see are still beautiful, but each of them has something that makes them that extra bit special. Some have unusual birth defects and some of them were born with amazing fur markings. These are cats that are ten times more amazing than your average kitty…


Miles the Cat
Miles the Cat

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Soem might think this is Tails from the sonic game, but this is Miles and both tales are fully operational and both move about independently.

Rumpy the Cat

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Rumpy might look like a photoshop job, but he really has no tail but isn’t unique at all. He is a Manx breed of cat. The lack of tail is said to be a spontaneous genetic mutation that occurred at some stage in the distant past of the history of the breed. These days this breed is dominant on the Isle of Man and is much loved by their owners all over the world.

Venus the Cat

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Venus the two-faced cat has gone viral more times than Justin Bieber. One-half is solid black with a green eye—the other half has typical orange tabby stripes and a blue eye. And still, scientists have no idea how it happened.

Tucker the Cat

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Tucker has some genetic abnormalities that make him look very sad, but apparently, he is a very happy cat who gets a little more love than your average kitty.

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Captain Kirk the Cat

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Why did they call this cat “Captain Kirk”? Because of his final front ear. Bad puns aside it just means this amazing kitty has 3 ears, but only two of them work.

Adagio the Cat

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This is one birth defect that does prove to be rather handy when it comes to stability. This Hemingway breed of cat has 24 toes and one of her paws has 7 digits! Who said Bigfoot wasn’t real?

Lil Bub the Cat

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If you are looking for cute, it doesn’t come any cuter than the one and only Lil Bub. He is a rescue cat that has many birth defects, but the good news is he is loved not only by his owner but also by millions of Lil Bub fans.

Bacon and Eggs the Cats

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Bacon and Eggs had infections and a birth defect in their eyes, so to make them more comfortable and keep things from getting worse, they had their eyes removed. They were blind before they got them removed, so they adapted rather quickly! They had their adoption fees paid for by a generous donor and some very awesome person adopted them!

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Monty the Cat

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Monty the Cat was born without a nasal bridge bone due to a chromosomal abnormality, which is why he’s got such a unique and lovable face.

Frank and Louie the Cat

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This is not one cat, but two called “Frank and Louie”. They are a two-faced cat known as Janus cats and it was officially crowned the longest-surviving member of its breed by Guinness World Records. They have two mouths, two noses and three eyes, but only one brain and it was caused by a rare birth defect known as diprosopus.

Author: Gus Barge

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