The Top 10 Most Famous Cats in the World

These ten cats you are about to see are responsible for millions of shares, hundreds of millions of fans on social media and even millions in revenue for their owners. Sadly quite a few of these days are no longer with us, but thanks to the internet their memories will live on in all the silly images they were in…


Garfi the Persian cat
Garfi the Persian cat

10 – Garfi – Persian

This is not so much Grumpy cat, more super angry in a life threatening way cat. Apparently, in real life he a lovely and very friendly! There isn’t a year goes by without seeing this classic photo of him being rather protective of his festive meal.

Sam the Khao Manee cat

9 – Sam – Khao Manee

With over 221K followers on Instagram, this cat has raised more than his own eyebrows at his success. This classic open mouth shot only seems to make his eyebrows even more prominent!

Maru the Scottish Fold cat

8 – Maru – Scottish Fold

All cats like to play with boxes, but Maru becomes famous for it. This classic aeroplane image goes around the internet more times than the moon landing conspiracies.

Venus the Chimera Cat

7 – Venus – Chimera

Venus was once the Queen of the internet. Oddly many people thought she wasn’t really like that and that it was just painted on by her owners. It wasn’t of course, it was all natural beauty.

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Streetcat Bob the Red Tabby cat

6 – Streetcat Bob – Red Tabby

Some people find a friend in cats, but James Bowen found a saviour in Streetcat Bob and it’s a story that is deeply moving. Download the book or watch the movie, it’s well worth it.

Hamilton the Hipster, the Maine Coon & part Norwegian forest cat

5 – Hamilton the Hipster Cat – Maine Coon & part Norwegian Forest

Sure Hamilton’s moustache is his biggest talent, but this classic photo gives him a much more regal look, almost…upperclass kitty!

Colonel Meow the Himalayan-Persian Cross-Breed cat

4 – Colonel Meow – Himalayan-Persian Cross-Breed

I know he was often ‘fluffed up’ before each photo, but fair play, this one makes him look like a giant among cats and when it comes to stardom he really was.

Lil Bub the Munchkin Cat

3 – Lil Bub – Munchkin Cat

Sadly for Lil Bub she was born the runt of the litter, but soon become bigger than all of them (online anyway). This classic photo still makes me smile today and I think it always will.

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Snoopy the Exotic Shorthair Cat

2 – Snoopy the Cat – Exotic Shorthair

With a mind blowing 361k followers Snoopy the Cat might be flat faced, but his personality (and photos) are world round. I think this is by far Snoopy Babys best one.

Grumpy Cat the Snowshoe Siamese cat

1 – Grumpy Cat – Snowshoe Siamese

Real name Tardar Sauce, this is a cat that almost broke the internet! Just about every big star was photoed with her and her photo memes are numbered in their millions. This is one cat that will never be forgotten.

Author: Gus Barge

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