10 Tips in Maintaining Your Backyard Lawn

Everybody loves a gorgeous garden, the scent of freshly cut grass on a warm summer day can slap a smile on any would-be gardener’s face…especially if there’s an ice cold bottle of beer or glass of wine involved. Sometimes managing the upkeep of your backyard elegant and clean cut design can be challenging if not overwhelming, fortunately, there are a few useful tricks that can help you in growing a lush green lawn. So without further delay here are 10 tips for maintaining your backyard lawn.


Kill the Weeds early
Kill the Weeds early

1 – Kill the Weeds early

Launching a preemptive strike against this infamous pest is crucial and can make or break your backyard aesthetic, simple measures can be taken to solve this problem. The best way to the solution is prevention so during the fall season spraying a pre-emergent herbicide, be sure to cover all of your bases, though by using sprays for both grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds after all if a job is worth doing…it’s worth doing right.

Fertilize your Garden during Fall

2 – Fertilize your Garden during Fall

t turns out that the Fall season is a crucial stage in the gardening process when the grass is retaining its green colour but has ceased to grow any further if you must apply fertilizer during spring be sure to apply it lightly. Head down to your local garden centre and purchase the fertilizer that is best for your type of grass then distribute it with a lawn spreader.

Mow down your Grass but not too early

3 – Mow down your Grass but not too early

It is advisable that the length of the grass on your backyard ought to be between 2 and 3 inches tall before you consider firing up the lawnmower, the ideal time to begin this undertaking is during the season of Spring so be sure to allow your grass to grow to a decent length towards the beginning of Fall then mow the lawn quickly and efficiently.

Keep all of your Gardening Tools in the same location

4 – Keep all of your Gardening Tools in the same location

It is amazing an effect such a simple decision can be but decluttering your backyard of all your equipment can make all the difference. You will notice the yard feeling more open and spacious ensuring that any of your BBQs or backyard parties that you host will benefit greatly.

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Keep your Decking, Pool or Patios free from debris

5 – Keep your Decking, Pool or Patios free from debris

Another simple tip with a huge effect, pebbles, wood shavings, moss and leaves and litter can all ruin the grove of a well-placed patio and an act as simple as keeping it clear will provide a subtle difference that will go a long way towards achieving backyard perfection.

Avoid watering leaves and plant heads

6 – Avoid watering leaves and plant heads

A little-known fact is that applying water to leaves and plant heads increase the risk of mould formation causing huge problems for the plant development and nutrition when applying water always try to aim for the base of the stem or the soil surrounding the plant to avoid such a pesky nuisance.

Choose the right stone for your Outdoor Landscaping

7 – Choose the right stone for your Outdoor Landscaping

Choosing your materials shouldn’t be influenced primarily on cost, though slightly more expensive you will find that a bluestone is a high-density option that has proven to be sturdy and resistant to the effects of weather erosion. The material is also far more versatile than the name implies as it comes in a variety of colours.

Use Mulch for Convenience

8 – Use Mulch for Convenience

Mulch is a fantastic substitute to grass as it breaks down and fertilizes the soil beneath. The best thing about using this substitute is the preventative effects it has on the spreading and growth of weeds, as well as the fact that you don’t have to mow it making it extremely low maintenance.

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Plant Lavender

9 – Plant Lavender

There are many positive effects given by lavender in a backyard including the pleasant scent it provides and the fact it only needs to be watered a few times a week, the Lavender will come back year after year and appears to be one of the most durable and regenerative plants you could choose.

Keep your Colour Scheme consistent

10 – Keep your Colour Scheme consistent

All of your choices of wood, stone, and vegetation should be made in direct accordance with your chosen colour scheme to keep your garden nice and balanced. Having an odd arrangement of colours within your patio and decking can cause them to clash, making the whole area look untidily put together.

With these tips in mind, you will be several steps closer to achieving that backyard heaven, fit for parties, BBQs and all manner of celebration that will make more neighbours green with envy. So get to work and don’t forget to have fun!

Author: Gus Barge

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