Ten Simple Tips for Looking After Your Mental Health This Christmas

Ten Simple Tips for Looking After Your Mental Health This Christmas
Ten Simple Tips for Looking After Your Mental Health This Christmas

Christmas is the time of year when a lot of us can suffer from poor mental health, so keeping on top and in control of things is essential. While these ten tips might be simple they can make a real difference to your mental health at this busy time of year. Just remember that if things start to get on top of you, there is always someone to talk to…


Try to Remeber What Christmas is All About

It is not about the gifts you give, nor the give you received. And while it is a religious holiday it is more about peace and goodwill to everyone. There is no pressure to get big gifts for people and kids are often happy with the smallest of things. Also, any gift that you receive should always be welcomed with open arms.

Make Sure You Get Some Me Time

Do try to relax at this festive time of year. This could mean a few minutes enjoying something on the TV or chowing down on the foods or drinks you love. Just making sure you have even the smallest amount of personal time will make you feel much more relaxed and in control.

Go For a Christmas Walk

Going for a little walk with the family will make you feel much more relaxed. Maybe go around your local neighbourhood and look at the decorations or even goto a park and let the kids burn off some sugar. The smallest of walks can make the biggest of differences so do try to get out and get some fresh air as much as you can, especially at those times when you are most stressed.

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Have a Budget and Stick to it

It is far too easy to get into debt this time of year, so try to stick to a pre-set budget. Also, it is worth remembering that items are much cheaper in the January sales so getting big-ticket items is always worth waiting for that time of year rather than Christmas. After all, it is only a few more days to wait! Making sure you don’t overspend should be a less stressed time of year and help you sleep better.

Don’t Over Indulge

This doesn’t mean you can’t eat nor drink, it just means you shouldn’t go over the top. Have some wine, not the whole bottle. Have lots of the foods you enjoy, but don’t overeat to the point that you feel sick. It’s OK to enjoy bad things this time of year, but remember that it is just a few days and consider how you might feel after it.

Learn to Say No!

Most people will say yes to just about anything this time of year, so remember that you can always say no instead. This could mean hosting parties, having someone around for dinner that you don’t like or just doing something that you hate. Just say no and let that be the end of it. Don’t let anyone pressure you into something you feel strongly about.

Take the Pressure off Yourself

Don’t want to do that large family meal? Then consider eating out or maybe at someone else’s house! Can’t afford that gift without going into debt? Get something you can afford! Just because it is Christmas doesn’t mean you have to pile on the pressure. Remember that its time for you to be happy as well as others. If things are getting too much, just do what the previous tip suggests and learn to say ‘No!’ to things.

Try to Find Time to Meditate

This doesn’t require you to be a yoga zen master, nor a Buddist monk. It just means you should try and find time to relax your breathing and become more focused. Taking just 10 mins out of your day to do some deep breathing exercises or some meditation will make you feel much more in control and in all the chaos of Chrismas that could make the real difference to you, to others and of course to your own mental health.

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Make a List

By being as organised as you can, can help you stay in control a lot easier. Make lists of the gifts you need to buy or the things you need to do. Even if this means making a new list every morning, it will help you organise yourself better and maybe save time going back on things that you could have done at the same time as others. Just a simple list is great, but a well planned out and organised list is even better, even if that means taking some time to make that said list.

Ignore the Frowns

There will always be someone who will be upset and annoyed at something, so try to pay more attention to the ones who are happy with their lot. The smiles on kids, the babies who find it all amazing, even the wrapping paper or even the family pets who are enjoying all the extra smooths and food. By finding the smiles you will soon discover that they always outweigh the frowns and that should help you to smile yourself.

As always with this time of year, it is important to tell people if you are having problems with your mental health or money troubles. You are not alone in this world and there will always be someone who is willing to help. Or maybe just chat with me in the comments below. They say a problem shared is a problem halved!

Author: Gus Barge

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