Ten of the Very Best Christmas Turkey Gift Ideas You Can Buy

With just a few days to go before Christmas, I am sure most of us have 99% of what we need to survive the Christmas shut-down period. But there is always one thing people wait until the very last minuet to get, it’s the Christmas dinner turkey! So instead of running around looking for one, I thought I would bring you ten of them, none of them edible…


Top 10 Christmas Turkey Gift Ideas
Christmas Turkey Hat

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If your idea of a laugh is walking in from the kitchen, wearing a silly hat that looks like a cooked turkey then this is the item for you. This is not, however, one to wear to the vegetarian Christmas ball.

Christmas Turkey Apron

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Why not dress like a turkey while you are cooking one! I am sure that there will be someone out there somewhere who will love this and definitely get it for next year.

Christmas Turkey Pop Up Timer

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It might look like plastic, but its made of food-grade silicone. The way the timer works is when legs are down, it’s not cooked, and when legs go up, it’s cooked and ready to eat! So let’s get those little legs in the air! (That just sounded wrong on so many levels.)

Christmas Turkey and Gravy Soda

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What’s that? Have you never tried Turkey pop? Well neither have I, but if you want to gross people out at Christmas time, this is the thing to do it with.

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Christmas Turkey Dartboard

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Only on Zazzle could you find someone who designed a Turkey themed dartboard. But if you like shooting a few arrows after Christmas dinner this is sure to be a great gift.

Christmas Turkey Earrings

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Nothing says bling quite like a pair of turkey-themed festive earrings. Given that this comes from Etsy, I sure there are loads of turkey-themed jewellery on there, but I thought this was the best of them all.

Christmas Turkey Telephone

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I read a recent survey that said landlines are going to be a thing of the past in as little as 10 years! Shame, because I love this novelty telephone. But then again I don’t have a land-line either.

Inflatable Christmas Turkey

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We saw this in my post “Top 10 Completely Pointless Inflatables” and guess what? Yep, it’s just as pointless as it was back then! But there might be some sort of prank you could play on someone somewhere.

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Christmas Turkey Slippers

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Now, these are the slippers you have been waiting for. Warmer than a cooked Christmas turkey, and much nicer to wear on your feet than a real cooked bird as well. Someone out there will love these that is for sure.

Christmas Turkey Cake

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If you really want to make that Christmas Dinner special, serve up the turkey, then for pudding afterwards serve up another turkey! Only this time it is a specially made fudge cake with chocolate traditional buttercream filling. If that doesn’t make it a Christmas dinner to remember, nothing will.

Author: Gus Barge

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