The Top 10 Longest Running TV Shows From Around the World

While most people will be able to name a few on this list, there are some that will surprise everyone. Not even I could imagine just how long these shows have been going on for…


"CID" From India
“CID” From India

10 – “CID” From India (Running Time: 1981-Present)

Wiki Info: CID is an Indian detective television anthology series about India’s Crime Investigation Department, created by B. P. Singh for Sony Entertainment Television India and Sony Entertainment Television Asia. The series stars Shivaji Satam as ACP Pradyuman, Aditya Srivastava as Senior Inspector Abhijeet, Dayanand Shetty as Senior Inspector Daya, Dinesh Phadnis as Inspector Fredricks and Narendra Gupta as Dr. R. P. Salunkhe.

"Degrassi" From Canada
“Degrassi” From Canada

9 – “Degrassi” From Canada (Running Time: 1979—Present)

Wiki Info: Degrassi is a Canadian drama franchise that follows the lives of a group of teenagers who lived on or near De Grassi Street in Toronto, Ontario. The five main series are The Kids of Degrassi Street, Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High, Degrassi: The Next Generation and Degrassi: Next Class.

"Eat Bulaga" From Philippines
“Eat Bulaga” From Philippines

8 – “Eat Bulaga” From Philippines (Running Time: 1979-Present)

Wiki Info: De Leon coined the title of the show: Eat represents lunchtime while Bulaga (which means “to surprise”) represents their plan to fill the show with big surprises. The title is also a play on two children’s games: Eat is the transliteration of It from the game tag while Bulaga! refers to Peekaboo!.

"Country Calendar" From New Zealand
“Country Calendar” From New Zealand

7 – “Country Calendar” From New Zealand (Running Time: 1966–Present)

Wiki Info: Country Calendar is currently produced by Julian O’Brien, with associate producer Dan Henry. Frank Torley was well known as the narrator of the show, and also produced the show for 23 years. Torley died in March 2016 following a short battle with cancer.

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"Yoshimoto Shinkigeki" From Japan
“Yoshimoto Shinkigeki” From Japan

6 – “Yoshimoto Shinkigeki” From Japan (Running Time: 1962–Present)

Wiki Info: Among the comedy play being performed by the talent belonging to Yoshimoto Shin Kongi, it shows what is being recorded publicly at Namba Gundoh Moon.

"Mosaico na TV" From Brazil
“Mosaico na TV” From Brazil

5 – “Mosaico na TV” From Brazil (Running Time: 1961–Present)

Wiki Info: The mosaic on TV is a television program Brazilian displayed on channels 9 NET and 186 of live TV . Is the oldest program of Brazilian television still on display, followed by the Programa Silvio Santos. It is a program aimed at the Jewish community of the city of São Paulo.

"Today's Cooking" From Japan
“Today’s Cooking” From Japan

4 – “Today’s Cooking” From Japan (Running Time: 1957–present)

Wiki Info: Isao Tomita Isao ‘s light and relaxed theme music is impressive, but since the 40th anniversary of the broadcast, November 4, 1997, it has become a new arrangement version of Latin style. There was also a time of live-action at the opening, but now it’s animation, Uchida Mitsuko is in charge of it until March 2007, and it changed from April of the same year.

"The Price Is Right" From USA
“The Price Is Right” From USA

3 – “The Price Is Right” From USA (Running Time: 1956–Present)

Wiki Info: The Price Is Right is an American television game show created by Bob Stewart, Mark Goodson and Bill Todman. The show revolves around contestants competing to identify accurate pricing of merchandise to win cash and prizes. Contestants are selected from the studio audience when the announcer proclaims the show’s famous catchphrase, “Come on down!”

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"NHK Nodo Jiman" From Japan
“NHK Nodo Jiman” From Japan

2 – “NHK Nodo Jiman” From Japan (Running Time: 1953–Present)

Wiki Info: Each week Nodo Jiman is broadcast from a different city in one of Japan’s 47 prefectures; at the beginning of the show the host would announce the local venue in which the live broadcast is held, then describe the landmarks and culture of the prefecture and city hosting the broadcast.

"Meet the Press" From USA
“Meet the Press” From USA

1 – “Meet the Press” From USA (Running Time: 1947–Present)

Wiki Info: Meet the Press specializes in interviews with leaders in Washington, D.C., across the country and even the world on issues of politics, economics, foreign policy and other public affairs, along with panel discussions that provide opinions and analysis. It originates from NBC’s bureau in Washington, D.C.

Author: Gus Barge

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