The Blacklist: 10 Best Elizabeth Keen Moments On The Show

The Blacklist: 10 Best Elizabeth Keen Moments On The Show
The eighth season of The Blacklist came to an end and as usual, left viewers with more questions than answers. Although some of the questions that fans had about Reddington and the Rostovas were answered, Raymond Reddington remains a mystery and Elizabeth Keen, a little girl in the dark. The saddest development of the season was the death of Elizabeth Keen. Meghan Boone, who plays Elizabeth in the show also confirmed that she is leaving before the eighth season ended which means that one half of the 8-year hit show is gone. So, while we wait for the 9th season, here is a look at the 10 unforgettable moments in the eight years we have had with Agent Keen.

The Helicopter Coming For Elizabeth Keen

The FBI came for Elizabeth Keen in style in the first season on her first day of work as an FBI agent. Just moments after getting out of bed with Tom Keen, complaining about the dog peeing on the floor and giving Tom one a hurried kiss, her life was changed forever. It was the last moment of Elizabeth’s innocence as the smile was wiped off her face forever after that scene. From that moment, Elizabeth Keen turned into a shadow of Raymond Reddington. It was still nice watching her take the flight as she allowed Tom to keep the car keys.

Elizabeth’s First Interview With Raymond Reddington

Who gets to interview the FBI’s most wanted criminal on their first day at work? Well, Red really took control of the interview and Liz appeared lost for words as Reddington threw compliments her way and even told her that she looked less Baltimore after removing her highlights. When Elizabeth said there was nothing special about her, Reddington told her about the hardships she had endured and how she was about to become a famous woman. It was all too much for a young agent on her first day at work. It was also the first sign that Reddington and Liz would make a powerful team.

Liz And Red at The Factory

When Reddington got himself arrested in China and transported to the CIA black site called the factory, he placed himself in the path of Luther Braxton, the thief that later attempted to forcefully extract memories from Liz. However, the best part of the episode was Liz teaming up with Reddington to turn the boiler into a bomb that could help them escape. As Reddington put his life on the line turning the lever to increase pressure on the boiler, Liz’s admiration for his selflessness became obvious. It was one of the best teamwork and father-daughter-like moments between the two in the entire show.

The Blacklist: 10 Best Elizabeth Keen Moments On The Show

Liz Storming Into The Director’s Office

Peter Kotsiopoulos or The Director as he was known was one of the toughest enemies Reddington and Liz faced together. The director called Red’s bluff regarding the Fulcrum and he was going to kill him if Liz didn’t come to his office with a copy of the Fulcrum. It was the bravest thing Liz ever did for Reddington considering the fact that she had just saved him after he was shot in the chest. Liz stood up to the director and shut him down like an actual boss. It landed her into trouble later but that moment is just unforgettable.

Keen Killing Tom Connolly

Killing the attorney general was the worst mistake Liz made, apart from turning Reddington into the authorities and trying to kill him of course. However, there wasn’t much she could have done anyway. The Cabal had turned her into a criminal and framed her for crimes she didn’t commit and all Tom Connolly could do was mock her and remind her of how helpless she was. He also threatened Cooper and all of Liz’s friends, literally reminding them that they were doomed. That flash of a second when Liz shot him was one of the most relieving scenes in the eight seasons of The Blacklist.

Liz Coming Back To Save Reddington At The King Auction

Liz going undercover to the King Family Auction was all fun, until she was discovered and now had to run for her life. After saving the little boy and getting out of the auction house, she could have run away as Reddington had told her but she didn’t. She wasn’t on the best of terms with Reddington at the time either, but her love for him overwhelmed her anger and she came back and shot the Congolese man that was about to cut off his head. For the first time in the show, Reddington owed his life to Elizabeth Keen, although he was too proud to say thank you at first.

The Blacklist: 10 Best Elizabeth Keen Moments On The Show

Liz’s Moment With Tom On The Boat

After imprisoning Tom Keen on the abandoned ship for months and causing the problems that almost landed her in prison for murder, Liz had more than enough reason to still kill Tom Keen. However, in spite of all the things Tom had done to her, Liz loved him and their route back together was just too sweet to ignore. Watching Tom being romantic and Liz managing to smile despite being a fugitive was just awesome. The most interesting part was when they had the kiss and later sex on the boat and Tom proposed to her with a rubber band because he didn’t have a ring. Nothing could beat that.

Liz’s Wedding At The Church

Well, the wedding didn’t happen because bullets ended up flying in all directions and everyone had to flee but the initial plan was priceless. Liz heavily pregnant and Tom with all smiles ready to be bound together in marriage by Harold Cooper, of all the people, would have gone down as the most epic scene of the show. Liz and Tom fleeing in their “Just Married” branded car with all those chaos were tense but also romantic. They later had a proper marriage and we didn’t get to see it but as far as the fans are concerned, the wedding at the church was unforgettable.

Liz’s Kiss With Ressler

It was one of the most awaited moments in the show, and when it came, it was awesome. Ressler was in love with Elizabeth for a long time but he didn’t get a chance to express it because there was always something standing between him and Liz. The eighth season is when Ressler’s weakness for Liz was proved when he finally got the chance to kiss her. The worst part was that he slept with her when he was supposed to be hunting her down and arresting her after she went rogue and turned on Reddington. Another great moment was when Liz struggled to save Ressler from Townsend’s hitmen when she was supposed to be saving her own life. The two were just the best of partners.

The Blacklist: 10 Best Elizabeth Keen Moments On The Show

Liz’s Final Moment With Agnes

Elizabeth Keen was supposed to be a mother and a great agent and be able to balance the two better than Katarina Rostova did. However, Liz’s motherly skills were only dangled around in the show and the fans never got to see a lot of her being a mother. However, in the Season 8 finale, after Reddington brought Agnes to the hospital, Liz showed her motherly skills. Those sweet conversations with Agnes, especially the final one when she told her about Reddington’s situation and how he was going to die was sad but she handled it as a real mother.

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