Money Heist: 10 Things No One Expected from The Ending

Money Heist: 10 Things No One Expected from The Ending

Even the longest heist in tv history has to end and La Casa De Papel ended in style leaving a mixture of reactions from millions of fans in the world. The show remains one of Netflix’s biggest projects and many people hoped it would continue for a while longer but the streaming service decided to pull a plug on it after five seasons. The ending was more than justified and very interesting with as many unexpected events at the end as it had at the beginning. Many expected that the whole gang would be killed inside in Bank of Spain or that Professor would lose control of the gang but everything went according to plan and these 10 moments were the least expected in the show’s final five episodes.

Professor Handing Himself In

Tokyo was mad because Professor only gave the plan and then hid in his little control room while he sent the rest of the gang into the line of fire to die. Although Professor had some close shaves with authorities himself, they were never as bad as what the gang had to endure in the Royal Mint and the Bank of Spain. In the ultimate twist of the final season, El Professor happily gave himself up to be tortured by Tamayo despite having lost the gold. He risked everything trusting his ability to talk sense into Tamayo and it could have backfired terribly if Denver didn’t keep his mouth shut.

The Gold Getting Stolen

After collecting the gold and moulding it back into bars, the gang had everything they needed to become the richest criminals in the world and plan a perfect end game. After losing two important people in Nairobi and Tokyo and so many days of fighting and mourning, you would have expected the professor to offer more security to the gold. The smart thing would actually be shipping the gold off and rebinding into bars somewhere safer where law enforcement and thieves couldn’t catch the gang off guard so easily. It was almost impossible to understand how such a smart man could lose his ultimate prize so easily.

Tamayo Giving In To The Professor

Tamayo was a tyrant that expected everything to go according to his plan. The Professor had obviously outwitted him, but he was in no mood to negotiate with him. Most fans expected that Tamayo would have El Professor shot on sight or worse still, torture him as he did to Tokyo. However, after a few blows and with the fate of the nation at stake, Tamayo bent like a twig and gave in to all of El Professor’s demands. Tamayo probably needed a new identity himself after the entire national gold reserve was looted on his watch.

Palermo’s Important Contribution

El Professor was always the smartest member of the gang and the one you looked up to when it came to developing amazing plans and machines. The final part of the show gave Palermo some importance when it turned out that he was the man with the plan on how the smelted gold would get out of the Bank of Spain. Palermo’s machine had a little trouble starting the golden rain in the stormwater tank but it did work perfectly with the help of a little prayer.

Money Heist: 10 Things No One Expected from The Ending

The Fake Gold

Everyone knew that El Professor couldn’t go through all that trouble only to give the gold back to the Bank of Spain. No one expected him to be generous enough to give the government a way out either. It was obvious that the entire nation’s fate was in the hands of the gang once the stock market started tumbling but his trick with the gold-plated grass bars saved both the gang and the country.

Sierra’s Alliance with The Gang

Coming into the fifth season of Money Heist, Sierra was El Professor’s greatest enemy. She had led the torture of Rio and hated Lisbon with particular passion. Her hunt for El Professor was also the most spirited of any member of the government task force. Even after El Professor helped her give birth to baby Victoria, Sierra was still determined to trade him in for her freedom and it almost got the three of them killed. She came to see sense and helped El Professor get the gold back and secure her own future in the process.

Arturo Not Dying

After sexually assaulting a hostage and nearly getting everyone killed, Arturo more than deserved to die. However, after he was safely extracted from the Bank of Spain in the first part of the fifth season, the fans didn’t get to see any more of him. He was obviously alive when he was extracted from the bank through which was a little unjust considering the fact that good people like Nairobi and Tokyo didn’t make it.

Denver Kissing Manilla

Denver and Stockholm were the power couple of Money Heist. They met in the worst of places but instead of becoming the worst of enemies, they fell in love. Stockholm was obviously not the smartest of robbers but she was a great mother and wife and the last thing Denver could do was hurt her. It was even worse for him to do it while she was having a psychotic episode. It was only a kiss but it obviously called into question Denver’s loyalty, something fans couldn’t imagine.

Money Heist: 10 Things No One Expected from The Ending

Berlin’s Wife and Son

Rafael and Tatiana were a mystery that the show followed for five seasons. No one expected them to be saints but they should have been a little bit more than what they were. Rafael had obviously broken Berlin’s heart by taking Tatiana to be his wife and lover and the last thing he deserved was to get a share of the gold. They appeared out of nowhere and stole all the gold in what was one of the least appreciated twists in the five seasons of Money Heist. The two didn’t give El Professor and his gang any credit and Rafael didn’t seem to have any love or respect for his uncle.

Angel’s Lack of Purpose

What was the role of Angel in the five seasons of Money Heist? Well, no one knows the answer to that question because he was totally useless until the last minute. After spending so many years working under Raquel Murillo, you would expect him be have an upper hand at hunting her down but he was not any better than Tamayo. He was always behind and there was no chance to reconnect with Raquel or even for him to prove himself as a deserving leader for the police.


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