The Top 10 Longest Lakes in the Entire World

Have you ever been to a local lake? How big was it? I only ask because these ten lakes you are about to see are so big, that some of them are practically seas rather than lakes, but why are they classed as lakes? So it got me thinking. What could be easier than writing an essay about lakes? But, even papers on such primitive topics require much attention and time to make the final draft rock. If a student needs professional help with papers, it is always better to contact a certified essay writing service and get custom assistance from writers with years of experience.


Great Slave Lake
Great Slave Lake

10 – Great Slave Lake (Approximate Area: 10,000 sq mi)

Great Slave Lake was put on European maps during the emergence of the fur trade towards the northwest from Hudson Bay in the mid 18th century.

Lake Malawi

9 – Lake Malawi (Approximate Area: 11,400 sq mi)

Said to be the most beautiful lake in the world it is home to some of the world’s rarest fish, in fact over 240 species of fish only live here!

Great Bear Lake

8 – Great Bear Lake (Approximate Area: 12,000 sq mi)

The largest lake in Canada is said to be home of the Sahtu Dene people, but it got its name from the Grizzly Bear Mountain on the shore

Lake Baikal

7 – Lake Baikal (Approximate Area: 12,200 sq mi)

This is said to be the world’s oldest freshwater lake and it is thought to be to over 25 million years old!

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Lake Tanganyika

6 – Lake Tanganyika (Approximate Area: 12,600 sq mi)

Not only very large, but also one of the deepest lakes in the world with it’s the deepest trench being a staggering 4,710 feet deep!

Lake Michigan

5 – Lake Michigan (Approximate Area: 22,000 sq mi)

Forget the Bermuda Triangle, the Lake Michigan Triangle is home to far more strange disappearances and odd sightings.

Lake Huron

4 – Lake Huron (Approximate Area: 23,000 sq mi)

Much like Loch Ness, Lake Huron is also said to be home of a sea creature, only this one is called “Mishebeshu” and is said to live in an underwater den in the lake.

Lake Victoria

3 – Lake Victoria (Approximate Area: 26,590 sq mi)

Located in east-central Africa, it is named after Queen Victoria, but unlike Queen Victoria, it is thought to be around 400,000 years old.

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Lake Superior

2 – Lake Superior (Approximate Area: 31,700 sq mi)

It is thought that more than 78 species of fish call this lake their home and they are mostly found in the 483 ft depths.

Caspian Sea

1 – Caspian Sea (Approximate Area: 168,000 sq mi)

As you might have guessed by looking at these ten lake locations on the map, a lake is a body of water enclosed inland and this is the Caspian Sea, officially the world’s largest lake. But due to it being so big it is also classed as a sea. Tomato, Tomato I suppose.

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