Top 10 Amazing And Unusual Tourist Attractions In Czech Republic

If you love castles and beer you’re bound to have thought about going to the Czech Republic on holiday. But did you know there is also a wealth of Gothic buildings and other weird and wonderful things…



Sedlec Ossuary, Kutna Hora
Sedlec Ossuary, Kutna Hora

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Otherwise known as the Bone Church this Ossuary is decorated, floor to ceiling with over 40,000 human skeletons! I guess they never had tiles back the

Prague Astronomical Clock, Prague

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Dating to the late 1400s this is a clock that features a skeleton ringing his death knell for each hour of the day! What a pleasant place.

Magic Cave, Prague

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It might look like a spooky cave, full of weird paintings, but this is, in fact, an old mill and it was all designed and made by a local artist.

Tančící Dům, Prague

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Some call this building the dancing house, others say it is called “Fred and Ginger”, but everyone who sees it calls it amazingly weird.

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Macocha Abyss, Vilémovice

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Not only claimed to be the deepest sinkhole in Central Europe, there is also some horrible local tales that go with it.

Aeroplane Bar Letka Tu-104, Olomouc

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This recycled plane was once a local drinks bar for Communist, but now it sadly lies in ruins, but there are plans to revive it, so there is always hope.

Velka Amerika, Vysoký Újezd

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From working stone quarry to a picturesque gorge in less than 100 years. This is nature reclaiming at it’s finest.

Zizkov Tower, Prague

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This amazing 700ft tower is little more than a television tower, but it did once get a small part in the movie Blade II.

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Dripstone Wall, Prague

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No-one really seems to know what this wall first looked like when built. But these days is simply considered grotesque art.

Sky Walk, Dolní Morava

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This is not just a breathtaking view on an extreme Sky Walk on a peak in the Králický Sněžník Mountains, it is also a slide that descends 18 stories!

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