The Top 10 Largest Woodland Forests in the UK

Here in the UK, we are lucky enough to have some truly amazing forests filled with amazing wildlife and species of plants. But have you ever wondered which forest was the biggest in the UK? Let’s find out as we take a look at the ten biggest and their size in acres…


Glengarry Forest, Scotland
Glengarry Forest, Scotland

10 – Glengarry Forest, Scotland – (Approximate Size: 40, 320 Acres)

Click Here For Info Source Used: Some folk reckon the river Garry is one of Scotland’s most beautiful rivers. It’s a magnificent sight as it runs powerfully through lovely woodland with tall conifers. Kayakers love the challenge of the rapids, while fishermen hunt for salmon in the quieter stretches.

Tay Forest Park, Scotland

9 – Tay Forest Park, Scotland – (Approximate Size: 41,600 Acres)

Click Here For Info Source Used: A wonderfully varied patchwork of forests across the most scenic parts of Highland Perthshire, featuring some of the country’s best loved viewpoints and tallest trees. Discover legends about demons and dragons, saints and queens along woodland trails with unforgettable loch and mountain views.

Affric Forest, Scotland

8 – Affric Forest, Scotland – (Approximate Size: 44,160 Acres)

Click Here For Info Source Used: Glen Affric is one of the most beautiful places in Scotland. It’s a classic landscape of perfectly-placed lochs, mountains and a wonderful mix of pine, birch and oak trees. The rich environment is an important haven for wildlife, so the whole glen is protected as a National Nature Reserve.

Thetford Forest Park, England

7 – Thetford Forest Park, England – (Approximate Size: 46,720 Acres)

Click Here For Info Source Used: The forest covers a huge area with many different places to visit offering a range attractions from the exciting outdoor play facilities at High Lodge, the history and heritage of Mildenhall Warren and Lynford Arboretum and the peace and tranquillity of the walks around St Helen’s.

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Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, Scotland

6 – Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, Scotland – (Approximate Size: 49,280 Acres)

Click Here For Info Source Used: Enjoy iconic views of sparkling lochs, wooded hills and rugged mountains, or take to the trails on foot, by bike or on horseback and discover the Forest Park’s magical atmosphere and wonderful wildlife.

Argyll Forest Park, Scotland

5 – Argyll Forest Park, Scotland – (Approximate Size: 51,840 Acres)

Click Here For Info Source Used: Argyll Forest Park is a land of craggy peaks and hidden glens, peaceful sea lochs and rushing rivers. Established in 1935, it’s Britain’s oldest Forest Park – and some folk say it’s the best!

Dornoch Forest, Scotland

4 – Dornoch Forest, Scotland – (Approximate Size: 64,000 Acres)

Click Here For Info Source Used: Skelbo is a commercial forest plantation; this waymarked walk around it runs along the edge in places to give more open views towards Ben Bhraggie. The trail has several crude wooden sculptures and tableaux to add to the appeal for children.

New Forest, England

3 – New Forest, England – (Approximate Size: 66,560 Acres)

Click Here For Info Source Used: Wild horses won’t be able to drag you away from the New Forest once you’ve experienced its peace and fallen in love with the forest’s idyllic glades, ancient woodland, open moors, heathland and cliff top walks.

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Kielder Forest Park, England

2 – Kielder Forest Park, England – (Approximate Size: 150,400 Acres)

Click Here For Info Source Used: Kielder Water & Forest Park brings you nature on a grander scale. The views are bigger, the night sky brighter, the sports wilder and the smiles wider. It is also home to the biggest man-made lake in Northern Europe!

Galloway Forest Park, Scotland

1 – Galloway Forest Park, Scotland – (Approximate Size: 190,080 Acres)

Click Here For Info Source Used: Explore the rolling Galloway glens and hills to discover picturesque forest trails, three friendly visitor centres, wonderful wildlife and a long and colourful history. Here you can enjoy great walking, easy family cycling, exhilarating mountain biking or just sit back and soak up breathtaking loch and mountain views and starry night skies.

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