Ten Funny Pictures of Animals Dancing That Will Make You Smile

When I was younger I always thought I was rather good at dancing, that was until I caught sight of myself in the mirror of the local nightclub. I always wondered why people kept asking me if I was alright, clearly from their point of view I wasn’t. Even this lot are better dancers than me…


Top 10 Funny Images of Animals Dancing
Polar Bears Dancing

10 – Polar Bears

I am 99% sure that these polar bears are fighting rather than dancing, but caught in a moment of beauty by the photographer we can only imagine they are practising the Waltz for the up coming frozen dance ball at the palace.

Top 10 Funny Images of Animals Dancing
Dog Dancing

9 – Dog

We have all seen dogs that have the ability to dance. From more famous dogs like those in Pudsey: The Movie, to street performing dogs. They just seem to have that natural ability to perform various musical numbers for tit-bits of food.

Top 10 Funny Images of Animals Dancing
Brown Bear Dancing

8 – Brown Bear

We have all seen them performing tricks for food in horrible conditions, but they also do some rather funky moves even when they are living wild! But I would much rather see a dancing bear perform in the woods than from a cage.

Top 10 Funny Images of Animals Dancing
Turtle Dancing

7 – Turtle

Point to the wall, point to the window, big fish, small fish, cardboard box. This turtle knows all the big moves and is not afraid to bust them out with the best of them. It’s just a shame he is no good at the fast numbers.

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Top 10 Funny Images of Animals Dancing
Frogs Dancing

6 – Frogs

I might not like them myself, but when it comes to the dancing scene, frogs have got real class. Well, these two have anyway because it looks like the waltz is back in style and these 2 are going to be jiving all night. No wonder I hate frogs so much, they are better dancers than me!

Top 10 Funny Images of Animals Dancing
Chicken Dancing

5 – Chicken

Much like our other birds in number 2, even chickens have a natural ability to strut their stuff when it comes to dancing. Only a chicken will often do it only when there is mating on offer. So they have to make sure those moves are the best they can be.

Top 10 Funny Images of Animals Dancing
Hamsters Dancing

4 – Hamsters

It looks like some sort of 50’s Jive that these 2 cute balls are trying to pull off, but to be fair even their footwork is spot on! It comes to something when your pet hamsters are better than you on the dance floor.

Top 10 Funny Images of Animals Dancing
Panda Dancing

3 – Panda

In childhood or adulthood, these Giant pandas are always so playful and cute it is hard to imagine the “bear” aspect in them at all. But not only will they attack in the wild, but they will also attack on the dance floor as well, so back up and give some space to the breakdancing Pandas.

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Top 10 Funny Images of Animals Dancing
Blue Footed Boobies Dancing

2 – Blue Footed Boobies

Birds are one of those animals that thinks nothing of busting some shapes to impress the ladies (much like I thought I was doing) and this mating ritual does make for some rather dance themed images when they are caught in the act of doing it.

Top 10 Funny Images of Animals Dancing
Cat Dancing

1 – Cat

Trust the agility of cats to make it look like they are doing some street style break dancing when the pictures timing is right. They can bend and twist with the best of animals so it is no wonder that cats make it as my number 1 animal dancer.

Author: Gus Barge

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