Ten Amazing Things You Can Buy for Halloween That Look Like an Axe

With Halloween coming thick and fast, maybe it is the time we think about decorating the halls with some scary products. The problem I have is that spiders, ghosts and skeletons are all very well, but not really that scary. Now an axe, on the other hand, is something to fear! So ditch the ghouls and goblins, and get some of these instead…



Chilax Axe Shaped Lolly Mould
Chilax Axe Shaped Lolly Mould

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This should have made it into my post “Top 10 Most Amazing Lollipops” but I have only just discovered it, but as far as lolly moulds go this is a very good one indeed and perfect for a night of fright party.

Axe Cupcake Topper

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If like me you are not the most amazing cupcake maker, why not cheat and buy some of these axe inspired cupcake toppers! They would make any Halloween treats look very cool indeed and make your party the one they all talk about.

Axe Inspired Guitar

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How about strumming out some Halloween tunes at your party this year! Open the door, say trick and blast them with a rift that would make Hendrix cry, and all on a guitar axe!

Axe Bottle Opener

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I have no idea if it is true or not, but apparently, these cast-iron bottle openers are a real collector’s item! Given as a one-time gift to all “IRON DIXIE BEER Co.” employees they are now a very sought after item for collectors!

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Hatchet Through the Head Costume

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Sure this is a silly thing to buy, but when it comes to Halloween jokes sometimes it is best (and a lot cheaper) to stick with the classics, and a classic fun is exactly what this is.

Axe Lounge Chair and stump

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Weird, natural looking, strange and perfect for Halloween, this axe back themed lounge chair and pouffe has it all going on and then some. Could imagine the looks on people’s faces if I was sat outside dressed as Jason Voorhees on this!? Now there is an idea.

Axe Inspired Book Shelf

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While it does look like some axe murderer has tried to do some DIY, this is, in fact, a very well-designed bookshelf made by students that the Köln International School of Design. I sure hope they got first prize for this because I think it is epic!

Axe Inspired Wall Hook

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Are you trying to theme your home in a Halloween style, but also need somewhere to hang your coat up without some plastic skeleton hanging off it? Then this is the wall hook for you.

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Axe Inspired Lamp

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This amazing axe themed lamp by industrial designer Cornelius Commands of Germany is one very scary light indeed! It is a little expensive but perfect for some scary theming.

Axe Inspired Dining Table

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Sure it costs more than a small family car, but just LOOK AT IT! This is nothing short of the work of pure genius and would look amazing presenting Halloween party foods. When it comes to scary themed tables it just doesn’t get any better.

Author: Gus Barge

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