Ten of the Greatest Casinos From Around the World

Thanks to the internet, more and more people today have become gambling fans. The internet has brought the concept of online casino to fruition and makes it easy to enjoy your favourite game wherever and whenever with amazing no deposit bonuses! As a result, people who have never played in a land-based casino see this as something they would like to do. That is why when taking a vacation; many people want to visit some of the world’s top casinos. Here are some of the top ten casino to visit around the world…

Top 10 Greatest Casinos in the World

10 – Caesar’s Palace

If you choose to put the word ‘palace’ in the name of your casino then it has to live up to that – and there is no question that this Las Vegas casino does exactly that. It was featured as a location in The Hangover, and can be found on Vegas’s famous Strip – nestled between the Mirage and the Bellagio. From the casino games, to the hotel, restaurants, bars and all the other myriad forms of entertainment on offer here, this is a casino you won’t want to leave.

Top 10 Greatest Casinos in the World

9 – Empire Casino

Otherwise known as the Casino at the Empire, this has become the top one in London – although the design may remind you more of a Las Vegas casino. The building used to house the Empire Music Hall, making it part of the history of this city, but the two floors’ worth of table games and slot machines put it at the forefront of modern casino gambling.

Top 10 Greatest Casinos in the World

8 – Foxwoods Casino

You might expect an American casino of this size to be found in Vegas, but the home of the Foxwoods casino is Connecticut. The theme here is Native American and this makes it interesting for anyone also keen on the history of America, while the massive complex also features a remarkable 6000 slot games and 380 table ones. So if you can’t find something you want to play here, you really are picky.

Top 10 Greatest Casinos in the World

7 – Adelaide Casino

This is not the most well known or even popular casino to be found in Australia – but it is the most unusual. It is a modern casino situated in the old Adelaide rail station (for health and safety reasons, not a part of it where the trains go through). Again this is a building of real historic interest, with its heritage-listed exterior, and the mix of old and new has made it a big tourist attraction in that city.

Top 10 Greatest Casinos in the World

6 – Casino Baden-Baden

People don’t always associate Switzerland with casinos, but this town in the dark of the Black Forest area is one the world’s best. It was built more than 250 years ago, and designed to look like one of the palaces of French royalty. The interiors of this casino are so sumptuous, in gold and red, that people pay just to be shown around it, and the casino itself lives up to its surroundings. There is also no denying that Baden- Baden itself is beautifully scenic and peaceful to visit.

Top 10 Greatest Casinos in the World

5 – Casino de Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a real gambling Mecca, and this is the main reason why. This casino was built around 150 years ago, and much of what still remains is the work of famous French architect Charles Garnier. It is an astonishing sight, and the interior offers both standard casino favourites including baccarat and blackjack, as well as French games like Trente et Quarante.

Top 10 Greatest Casinos in the World

4 – Sun City Casino

This South African casino is one of the best to visit for those who want to go a bit further afield in search of the best in casino games. It has every table game and slot machine you could want, but if you do get bored, there are a couple of golf courses you can sample – and Sun City itself is home to a wide variety of nightlife.

Top 10 Greatest Casinos in the World

3 – WinStar World Casino

Amazingly this complex – in the unlikely setting of Oklahoma – is the single biggest casino in the United States. Yes, bigger than any of Las Vegas’s gaming palaces and it is split into eight plazas with different themes. These include London, Paris, Vienna, Madrid and Rome, so you can see the world just by going here. It also offers horse racing and bingo, alongside the thousands of slot machines and table games.

Top 10 Greatest Casinos in the World

2 – Casino Lisboa

The casino can be easily spotted by travellers as its design resembles that of a lotus flower. The casino is older than some of the other venues in Macau. Constructed over 40 years ago, the casino has seen renovations over the years which have made it the exciting casino it is today.

Top 10 Greatest Casinos in the World

1 – The Golden Nugget Casino

Located in Atlantic City, is one of the best American casinos to visit. While this casino is not in Vegas, which many people link to American gambling, it is located along the eastern coast of the United States. Expect to find a wide variety of casino games. Those who enjoy poker can find many different varieties here.

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