Top 10 Places to Visit in Las Vegas

Whether you are planning to spend weeks in Sin City or just a few days, there are myriad things to do and see in the town that has inspired songs and films. It won’t take long to realise why Las Vegas is the favourite spot of celebrities, even when they don’t have a gig and for visitors from around the world. Las Vegas is famous for its vitality, free spirit, gambling Whales and the plethora of entertainment options, and engaging sights and sounds. In addition to casinos, nightlife and grand hotels, there are plenty of attractions to engage the daytime tourist.


Mirage Hotel

10 – Original Source: >> Mirage Hotel <<

This historic, elegant hotel is in the heart of the Las Vegas strip and has an exotic Polynesian theme. A convenient tram connects it with the Treasure Island Hotel, which gives an aura of magic and mystery. Explore this famous landmark and be sure to take plenty of pictures.

Paris Las Vegas

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It is almost impossible to miss the replica of the most famous French landmark at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. The imitation Eiffel tower will make you feel as if you are in standing in the City of Light. The French theme continues with designs reminiscent of the Louvre and the Paris Opera House. Charming and relaxing European cafes are abundant in the area.

High Roller

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The High Roller is the largest Ferris wheel of its kind in the world and stands at 167.7 metres with 28 capsules that can hold up to 40 visitors each. Rent your own capsule or join others and see the city from a tremendous height for a bird’s eye view. Enjoy the awesome sensation of near flight on the High Roller.

Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah

7 – Original Source: >> Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah <<

Wayne Newton is a name commonly associated with Las Vegas, so visiting his showplace is a “must do” on a list of Las Vegas sites. His luxurious home is a treat to the imagination and a delight for every fan with its collection of Wayne Newton memorabilia, costumes and displays dedicated to aspects of his life. Even the most diehard Wayne Newton follower may not realise that he is a master horse breeder and trainer. Feel like you are behind the wheel of Wayne Newton’s many cars when you view his outstanding collection.

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Wedding Chapels

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Las Vegas is a popular place to pop the question and tie the knot, even on the same day. The city’s popularity for instant weddings has inspired films and Las Vegas fans to get married in many of its small chapels. If you want to make your wedding unforgettable, this is the right city. Browse through the possibilities of helicopter weddings or take a look at the quaint Little Vegas chapel. If you prefer an Elvis-themed wedding, there are several options, including the Graceland chapel and the Elvis chapel.

Botanical Gardens

5 – Original Source: >> Botanical Gardens <<

Take a break from the city lights and get a breath of nature in the botanical garden and conservatory. Enjoy the serene gardens and the relaxing koi ponds filled with large fish you can observe through an underwater camera. The gardens display and preserve cherry blossom trees, tulips and rare forms of flora and fauna. You may also relax to the chirping of exotic birds on display, feel the mists and savour the rich fragrances of nature.

Wynn Casino

4 – Original Source: >> Wynn Casino <<

This legendary casino, founded by Steve Wynn, is located in the northern section of The Strip and has a characteristic sleek, modern design. As you might expect, the possibilities for dining and entertainment are endless in the Wynn casino, and you don’t need to be a gambling man or woman to enjoy the experience. The hotel is unparalleled for its elegance and great service, and there are numerous dining and nightlife options available to please any traveller.

Hoover Dam Bypass

3 – Original Source: >> Hoover Dam Bypass <<

If you are headed to the Grand Canyon, don’t miss snapping pictures of the scenic Hoover Dam Bypass with its striking views. Go on a tour and learn about the history of the dam project and how it was created. The site is considered a masterpiece in engineering history and you will discover why.

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Mob Museum

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Las Vegas has its own history with the mob, and this museum is a fitting tribute. It contains photographs, videos and artefacts, such as actual guns and brick with a bullet lodged in it from the infamous St. Valentine’s Day massacre. If you like mob history, this museum is for you.

Neon Museum

1 – Original Source: >> Neon Museum <<

It is hard to imagine a Las Vegas skyline that isn’t grandly illuminated in neon. Since Las Vegas is synonymous with nightlife, it is an ideal location for a museum dedicated to the history of neon lights from the first vintage billboards to the grand marquees of today. If you have always wondered about the lights that make Las Vegas great, a trip to this museum is sure to inform and entertain.

It is almost impossible to be bored in Las Vegas, and the question for tourists to the city is not what to do but what to do first. Visit the above sites and add others to your itinerary for an unforgettable trip to Vegas. You’ll begin to see why the stars love Vegas even during their time off.

Author: Gus Barge

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