Ten of the Most Festive Christmas Cats in Stockings You Will Ever See!

Some cats like to be in Santa hats for Christmas and some just like to hide in the Christmas trees. But there is a small group of cats that find festive Christmas stockings the perfect place to hide and their images could make even Ebenezer love this most wonderful time of the year…



Cat in Christmas Stocking
Cat in Christmas Stocking

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If you don’t have a mantlepeice to hang your Chsitmas stocking cat why not get a bigger stocking and put in on the floor or even better under the Christmas tree!

Cat in Christmas Stocking

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If you are going to take a picture of your cat in a stocking you might want to be quick about it as this kitty is almost out of his stocking already! In, snap, out, that’s the best advice for getting a festive cat stocking snap.

Cat in Christmas Stocking

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This is probably the strangest looking stocking I have ever seen. But respect is given to it for clearly being homemade. (although it is cheaper to buy them).

Cat in Christmas Stocking

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The word ‘Joy’ is not the best word to describe this angry looking cat in a stocking. More…’future pain’. Or maybe the cat likes the stocking but simply hates Christmas!
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Cat in Christmas Stocking

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It looks like even Lil Bub is getting in on the stocking action. If he gives it the claws up then it must be comfortable. I wonder how much a human stocking would be and where I could hang it?!

Cat in Christmas Stocking

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This cat is making that stocking look so comfortable I might have to get in there with him! Might need to make a bigger stocking if I was to do that though.

Cats in Christmas Stockings

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It seems the general rule of cats in festive stockings is only one cat per stocking. Otherwise, it might get a little cramped in there for them.

Cats in Christmas Stockings

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If you are giving someone a cat for Christmas I wouldn’t suggest putting them into a Christmas stocking overnight. You might wake up in the morning and just find a pile of yarn and no kitten!

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Cat in Christmas Stocking

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Not only a great photo but this British Shorthair looks like a cat model or something! The only cat pictures I would get is my cat clawing up the stocking and wrecking it!

Cats in Christmas Stockings

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Looking for a Christmas card for a cat fan (or crazy cat lady)? Then look no further than this image (that can also be made into a Christmas card) that features not just one, but five cats in Christmas stockings!

Author: Gus Barge

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