Ten Expert Tips for Those Who Are Into Sports Betting

Ten Expert Tips for Those Who Are Into Sports Betting

With most of us still not being able to attend a sports game it is best to watch it at home and have a little flutter on the result of that game online. But what makes the difference between a good bet and a wise one? These ten expert sports betting tips should make all the difference to most peoples betting strategies…


Read All The Hot Tips Pages

There are plenty of sites that claim to have the hot tips, but the difference between a good bet and a wise bet is that those who bet wisely have read a lot more than one sports tips page, in fact, they will read as many as they can to make sure most of the pages are singing from the same hymn sheet. If you get one site say “X” is a possible winner and no other site does it might mean they were paid to say so! So be careful and get all those hot tips.

Forums Not Social Media

While there is nothing wrong with checking out the latest sports tips on social media those in the know will tell you all the best tips appear in betting forums and chat groups well before they appear on social media. Sometimes the odds of a bet have already dropped by the time the “hot tip info” gets to social media because it has already done its rounds in the forums.

Use Those Coupons

While you could argue this is a beginners tip, it is still something a lot of pro gamblers don’t do and it could mean bigger wins as well as saving you a lot of money. Even if you don’t have any coupon codes yourself you can ask for some from the online chat help as they always have a few kept behind for those willing to ask for them.

Multiple Bets

Did your mum ever tell you not to put all your eggs in one basket? If she did she was bang on the money because you will often win more and get better odds if you spread the bet across multiple sites. Don’t just stick to your favourite casino betting site all the time, have a shop around.

Pay Attention To Sports News

Don’t just listen to a little bit of sports news and think you know it all, listen to sports betting podcasts and other things to really get into the game and know what is going on with each team and individual you are betting on, especially when it comes to injuries.

Do Your Own Homework

It’s no good relying on others to give you sports betting tips, get out there and find out information for yourself. Check out past results on team games and find how who the sports individual has been playing and feeling. The more information you have the smarter bets you can make.

Never Bet To Win

This sounds counterintuitive to many of the tips you have already learned, but it is sadly the truth. You should never expect to win at all as it is a matter of luck. It’s called gambling because it is a gamble no because all tips and bets are a surefire thing.

Don’t Pay Too Much Attention To Odds

While it is tempting to go for the higher odds on a bet you should always ask yourself if it is the best bet for you personally. Another betting site might have lower odds, but with a coupon code, you can double the bet and earn even more if your team wins! Odds are always something that should be nothing more than a 2nd or 3rd point consideration.

Check The Local Weather

I am not talking about the weather outside your own window, check out the weather where the event is being held. This is especially true when it comes to betting on horse racing, but the same does go for open-air stadiums as some teams will often play betting in the rain, cold or wind than others.

Stick To What You Know

You might get better odds on that football game taking place in Japan, but do you really know the teams playing? Have you been following them, do you know their past form? It is far better to stick to the sports you know rather than those you don’t as it will help you make a more informed decision about the bet you are about to place.

Author: Gus Barge

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