Ten Amazing Wine Racks Made From Recycled Things

You could grab yourself a cheap wine rack from IKEA, or you could make it something special by making it from recycled things. I have found ten people who have done just that and turned all sorts of things into wine racks and some of them look simply amazing…


A Wine Rack Made From Tin Cans
A Wine Rack Made From Tin Cans

10 – Tin Cans

You will need some big cans to pull this off, but once they are cleaned and stripped from labels they will look pretty shiny and much more aesthetic.

A Wine Rack Made From a Card Catalogue

9 – Card Catalogue

If you know of a local library throwing away an old card catalogue you could use it to make this rather interesting wine rack and you could even add the labels to what they are on each draw.

A Wine Rack Made From a Wooden Wine Barrel

8 – Wine Barrel

It was once full of wine and now it can be full of wine again, only inside the bottle that it holds. It looks nice, perfect for a wine room and you can buy them from Amazon if you can’t be bothered to make your own!

A Wine Rack Made From Cinder Blocks

7 – Cinder Blocks

This is the easiest to make for sure, but you will have to be really careful putting the bottle into it and pulling them out. I would be nice inside a garage or other outdoor storage room I suppose.

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A Wine Rack Made From a V8 Engine

6 – V8 Engine

To a car buff like myself, it seems a bit of a shame to use a beautiful V8 engine in this manner, but it does look good I suppose and can hold up to 8 bottles (one for each cylinder).

A Wine Rack Made From Bicycle Chain

5 – Bicycle Chain

Anyone who has owned a bicycle will have had a chain break at one time or another and if I had known that I could have turned it into a wine bottle holder I would have saved them up!

A Wine Rack Made From a Kayak

4 – Kayak

You could get yourself a new Kayak to enjoy while you sail down the river drinking a bottle of wine once held in the old one! If you build it all the way up the length of the boat you could hold a lot of bottles that is for sure.

A Wine Rack Made From a Skateboard

3 – Skateboard

If you are getting too old to be hanging down the local half-pipe you might want to hang up that skateboard and enjoy a nice glass of wine instead. And what better way to enjoy that wine than taking it from a recycled skateboard.

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A Wine Rack Made From a Wooden Pallet

2 – Wooden Pallet

Not only is there room for up to 8 bottles of wine, but there is also room for up to 8 wine glasses hanging underneath. You could obviously make a few of these from just one pallet and the bigger the pallet, the more wine and glasses it could hold.

A Wine Rack Made From a Snow Ski

1 – Snow Ski

If you have hung up your snow skies for the final time you might want to use at least one of them to make this pretty stylish wine bottle holder. It can hold up to 3 bottles and is sure to look well placed in an alpine lodge.

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Author: Gus Barge

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