Ten Amazing and Creative Things To Make With Rose Petals

Now that Valentine’s day is over you might be feeling a little deflated after all the romance of the previous day. But don’t worry, because that amazing bouquet of roses that is sat in the vase already wilting won’t be going to waste, I have found ten amazing ideas that we can all make with them…


Top 10 Things To Make With Rose Petals
Tea Made With Rose Petals

10 – Tea

I do love a nice cup of rose tea now and again. It is easy to make and there are loads of health benefits to drinking it as well! So get that kettle on and make one of these delicious brews.

Ice Cubes Made With Rose Petals

9 – Ice Cubes

Not only do these rose petal ice cubes look amazing they also smell amazing as they start to melt! Make these now and keep them in the freezer until summer time, it will look great and keep your drinks cool, and your guests happy.

Body Polish Made With Rose Petals

8 – Body Polish

For those of us that don’t know what body polish is, it is a sort of all-over body cream that leaves your skin silky smooth. So why not make this and give your own skin a Spring Cleaning!

Cleansing Bar Made With Rose Petals

7 – Cleansing Bar

If you feel up to the challenge of making your own soap why not make this cleansing bar made from rose petals!

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Rocky Road Made With Rose Petals

6 – Rocky Road

Rose Petals and rocky road don’t sound like the best combination, but if you like to mix your chocolate bites with flowers this might be the treat for you.

Jam Made With Rose Petals

5 – Jam

I thought this was an odd sounding jam when we first saw it in the post “Top 10 Unusual Jams And Jellies” but if you were going to throw that bunch of roses away anyway why not make good use of them and make this!

Tealights Made With Rose Petals

4 – Tealights

This making guide uses material petals, but I can’t see a reason why you couldn’t use real ones instead. Well, apart from the looking a little wilted it might look even nicer! (For a while anyway)

Granola Made With Rose Petals

3 – Granola

Before making this post I didn’t even know you could eat rose petals! If you fancy trying this healthy breakfast treat yourself it doesn’t look too hard to make.
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Bath Bomb Made With Rose Petals

2 – Bath Bombs

Sadly there is no making guide in the link on how to make these bath bombs, but I am sure you could discover how by watching a few YouTube films.

Champagne Jelly Made With Rose Petals

1 – Champagne Jelly

The good thing about these is you can toast getting married to your partner, after they proposed on Valentine’s day, or you can drown your sorrows by drinking loads of them! Sounds like every other Valentines day event then!

Author: Gus Barge

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