Top 10 Amazing Examples of Fuel Tank Art

They are often ugly, boring coloured things that blight the landscape of gardens and fields everywhere. But some people have been trying to make the world a more colourful place and adding a touch of colour to them. I am talking about fuel tanks, and some of them look beautiful…



Top 10 Amazing Examples of Fuel Tank Art
Fuel Tank Shaped Like Corn on The Cob

10 – Gas Corn

I know they make fuel with corn these days, but this is ridiculous! Just imagine the popcorn you would get if you light it!

Fuel Tank Shaped Like a Tortoise

9 – Tortoise

I’ve never seen a long, tube-like tortoise before, but then again I have never seen any art on oil tanks before this post!

Fuel Tank Shaped Like a Yellow Submarine

8 – Fuel For the Bettles

The song might suggest it, but I can’t advise living inside this Yellow Submarine. In fact, it might well sink if you put it in the water!

Fuel Tank Shaped Like a Painting

7 – Fuel for Art

While some of them are simple art designs, there are some that are whole paintings in their own right! I don’t know about anyone else but I would love this in my garden!

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Fuel Tank Shaped Like a Pig

6 – Kermit’s Fuel

Miss Piggy was so shameless, she sold merchandising things that were just about everything including this fuel tank! But on a serious note, I love the added wig!

Fuel Tank Shaped Like a Can of Coke

5 – Fizzy Fuel

We often use fizzy pop to top up our own body fuel, so why not use it to fuel the car as well! Or maybe that whole tank is full of Diet Coke!

Fuel Tank Shaped Like a Cheshire Cat

4 – Wonderfuel

Did Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland start in a fuel tank? I’m pretty sure it was a rabbit hole, besides this would have never have fitted down the hole!

Fuel Tank Shaped Like a Minion

3 – Despicable Fuel

If you want the kids to stay away from fuel and gas tanks it is best not to paint them in a way that makes them fun. Having said that this is also a stroke of creative genius as well.

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Fuel Tank Shaped Like a Hot Dog

2 – Hot Dog

And the winner of the world’s biggest hot dog is…not this fuel tank. But I do respect the artist making us feel hungry by looking at it.

Fuel Tank Shaped Like a Melon

1 – Fruity Fuel

Looking like a prize-winning melon is this fuel tank that is rather beautiful. Just don’t try and smash it open with a rock.

Author: Gus Barge

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