Top 10 Beautiful and Unusual Floating Beds

If there is something I really appreciate it is a good bed.  From ones that have TV’s on the ends, to ones that are amusing shapes, or water filled. But one bed I have not had the pleasure of sleeping in is a floating one. Most of them cost far too much, and many of them are custom made beds. So to have some nice day dreams I have decided to find out just what is…


Top 10 Beautiful and Unusual Floating Beds


Top 10 Floating Beds
Floating round, hanging bed

10 – Space Saving

Not only is this a beautiful looking, floating bed, but it is also a space-saving bed because it can retract back into the ceiling! Created by Chongqing, it is nothing short of being incredible.

Top 10 Floating Beds
Minimalist Floating Bed

9 – Wrap up bed

This bed is floating because it is done by a single, wrap around sheet of metal going from the bottom of the bed, to the top of the ceiling! But the part of the metal that is not being used as a bed is used as a star display with amazing effect.

Top 10 Floating Beds
Single legged, Floating Bed

8 – One good leg!WaAY6

Like many of the beds you will see here this is a “single bed” style floating bed, but in this image, you can actually see the single leg in the middle of the bed! Despite it having a leg it does still give a mild illusion of floating.

Top 10 Floating Beds
Floating beds on a beach

7 – Floating on the sea

If you have ever wanted to sleep on the beach, but maybe you were worried about the tide coming in and making the bed wet? Well, fear not with these hanging, floating beds you can enjoy the views, the sleep and be safe from the water as well.

Top 10 Floating Beds
Space Effect Floating Bed

6 – Floating in the stars

You know you are staying in a 5 star, super posh hotel when they have a floating bed, with stars in the floor and ceiling to give you the effect of floating through space! While at the moment it is a one off design of a hotel room I am sure there will be many more in the future.

Top 10 Floating Beds
Single legged, Floating Bed

5 – Leg-Less?

Looking like something a big name magician would do during his set is this bed from Daniele Lago. It is done because hidden away under the bed is a single foot that attaches to the wall for support. But the effect you end up with is the same floating style.

Top 10 Floating Beds
Hanging Floating Bed

4 – Hanging or sleeping?

This simple designed, hanging bed still gives you that floating feeling, without all the problems needed to overcome gravity. With a fresh, modern design it is just as good as the rest of these for sure.

Top 10 Floating Beds
Round Floating Bed

3 – Sleeping Around

Sometimes it doesn’t take expensive magnets, reinforced beams or witchcraft or magic to keep the bed in the air, because this design which is taken from an older, similar design of Indian bed is simply perfect and the best bit is that anyone can buy it right now! It looks like sleeping on a floating trampoline, but I would definitely give it a go.

Top 10 Floating Beds
Floating Magnet Bed

2 – Tie Down

This floating bed which uses industrial-strength magnets to keep it hovering just 40 cm above the floor was seen at a Millionaire Fair, and is of course far to expensive for most people to consider owning.

Top 10 Floating Beds
Floating Cloud Bed

1 – Cloud 9

When you are really tired after a long day any bed can feel like a soft, fluffy cloud. Well, hard day or not this bed made by Hong Kong-based designers David Koo and Zheng Yawei is the perfect bed for those of us who have ever wondered what it would be like to sleep on a cloud.

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  3. Hadn’t thought about a floating bed before – amazing when they can be retracted to the ceiling. I am a little concerned about how high they are, I don’t fall out of bed, but there feels a distinct possibility with these. Or am I just a worrywart.

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