Ten of the Worlds Craziest and Most Unusual Chest of Drawers

With the New Year comes new decorating, and today I am looking for a piece of furniture that has multiple drawers stacked one above another. I am of course talking about a chest of drawers, these handy bits of furniture are traditionally used for storing clothes, but people put all sorts in them. In this post I don’t care what goes into them, I just care what they look like…


Top 10 Amazing And Unusual Chest Of Drawers
Chest Of Drawers With Lots of Drawers

10 – Chest with lots of drawers

I’m not so sure you could keep clothes in any of these drawers, but for an office organiser or toy storage, it would be perfect! It seems to be recycled from various things, but I can’t pick one thing out particularly.

Alphabet chest of drawers

9 – D for Drawers

In a child’s bedroom, this would be perfect and educational! Made by Kent and London it’s going to cost more than all the furniture in my house, but it would be well worth it.

Facecord Cabinet by Mark Moskovitz

8 – Wooden Drawers

Looking like a log pile this stunning chest of drawers is made by Mark Moskovitz and is inspired by nature its self. If you have a home with a slight rustic décor this will suit it nicely.

Vintage Suitcases chest of drawers

7 – Pack Your Drawers

If for some reason you have a load of vintage suitcases lying around you could turn them into a stunning chest of drawers like designer James Plumb did. Not I bad idea at all I say.

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White Metal Maychor Chest of Drawers

6 – Moroccan Style

This stunning piece of furniture is handcrafted in white metal and is traditional Moroccan in style. Sure it is expensive, but this is furniture art at its very best.

World’s Largest Chest of Drawers

5 – Big Drawers

It might look like every other vintage chest of drawers, but this is officially the world’s largest chest of drawers. Located in North Carolina it is not free-standing being an attachment to the furniture store, but at over 80-feet tall it is still very impressive indeed.

Literal Chest of Drawers

4 – 6 Drawer Pack

Not only is this a practical chest of drawers, but it looks like a chest of drawers as well! Made by George McCallum this 8 pack is going to keep all your sports gear neat and tidy.

Tardis Dresser

3 – Dresser of Draws

You are probably wondering why the nerd in me didn’t make this my number 1, after all, it is a Tardis Dresser! Well, it is the “Dresser” part I have a problem with. While inside it really is a 4 drawer chest it does have outside doors making it a dresser. Still amazing, but shouldn’t really be here, but I couldn’t resist it.

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Minecraft 3 Drawer Chest

2 – 8 Bit Drawers

If you have gone through the trouble of making a Minecraft theme in a bedroom or playroom why not finish it off with a Minecraft chest of drawers! I know this is just hand painted over the top of a normal one, bit it is still cool!

Blackhawk Aviator Chest of Drawers

1 – Fight of Drawers

I looked all over the web, but this has to be the very best chest of drawers I have ever found or seen. Made from the fuselages of mid-20th-century aircraft, it is polished aluminium panels accented with exposed steel screws. Stunning and incredible don’t even come close to how awesome this is.

Author: Gus Barge

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