Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Cannabis You Should Know

Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Cannabis You Should Know

Cannabis, or also known as marijuana, is one of the most popular psychedelics in the world – and definitely one of the most beneficial ones as well! There is a good reason why it’s preferred over many other drugs, and even used as alternative medication in some cases. But not many people know a lot about cannabis, other than it’s a five-leaf plant that makes you high! But it is not for everyone and an alternative to cannabis with many great benefits is “Super Speciosa Kratom Powder”. But it’s still worth learning more about Cannabis as it can be rather interesting…

1. It’s an old plant

Cannabis goes back 12,000 years, so it’s safe to say that it’s an old crop! Being that it’s such an old plant, many stories and legends surround it – it’s only natural that it holds some cultural meaning! It’s been used all over the globe for thousands of years, and it will certainly be around for many decades to come!

2. Not all weed is the same

There are actually so many different types of weeds out there, not all cannabis products are the same either! Indica and sativa are the most common ones, along with different hybrids – the truth is, new kinds of cannabis plants are being created each year! It’s important to distinguish them, especially when trying cannabis for the first time!

3. It’s still not legal everywhere

Unfortunately, cannabis is still not legal everywhere! It’s one of the biggest industries in the world, but a lot of countries are still treating it as an illegal substance! According to an online weed Canada shop, in some places, it’s so normalized, you can buy it everywhere like it’s no big deal! On the bright side, more and more people are demanding legalization all across the globe, so it’s bound to happen someday!

4. You can’t overdose

It’s true – you technically can’t overdose on cannabis and die. Whilst it’s not good to take anything in enormous amounts, cannabis is not like most drugs that can harm you in that way. The only downside of smoking too much is the possible lung damage that can happen over time – good thing cannabis can be consumed in more ways than one, especially when you consider edibles!

5. Weed is beneficial to your health

There are so many proven health benefits from consuming weed, and the research is only proving more and more as time passes. The most talked-about thing is how cannabis helps with de-stressing and anxiety, allowing people to calm down and escape their everyday worries! Research today is focused on proving that weed is actually good medicine for treating cancer cells!

6. You can’t get high from all weed

Since there are so many different types of weed, and also products made from the plant, not all of them can make you high. Some can only emulate the feeling of being high, by making a person feel relaxed, whilst in other cases making you go through a whole trip. So when trying out cannabis for the first time, make sure you know exactly what you’re consuming!

7. It’s not good for everyone

Whilst cannabis is not as lethal and harmful as other drugs, it can still be harmful to some people. The effects of cannabis can trigger or worsen symptoms of psychosis and other mental illnesses. People who suffer from mental health should be cautious when consuming psychedelics in general!

8. Alcohol is more harmful

Technically speaking, people who are addicted to alcohol suffer more than those who smoke weed all the time. It’s even more ironic, since alcohol is legal everywhere, and cannabis is not! But it all depends on the person, the effects of weed and alcohol can vary from person to person. But there is more of a physical reaction when getting drunk and hungover than it is when getting high – especially when taking a lesser dosage!

Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Cannabis You Should Know

9. Weed has more nicknames than you can imagine

Weed, Mary Jane, Ganja, and devil’s lettuce are just some of the names used to describe the cannabis plant! There are actually dozens of nicknames, vastly used all over the world! Some names were made up because cannabis was illegal in most places, while other names like devil’s lettuce are meant to be derogatory!

10. Cannabis in the skincare industry

The idea of using marijuana in the makeup and skincare industry is not a new one, but the idea is constantly evolving. The mass legalization definitely opened doors for those who are interested in pursuing this kind of venture! Cannabis is already involved in the medical field, so it’s no coincidence that it’s used in many skin care products as well!

At the end of the day, weed shouldn’t be villainized as much as it is. A lot of people have strong opinions about it, which can be debunked by a bit of research! Cannabis is a fun plant, with a rich cultural and historical background, that will only be more and more used as the legalization proceeds in the future!

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