Ten of the Most Common UK Driving Myths Busted

There are so many rumours out there about what the law says when it comes to driving that it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. This can lead people to waste their concentration worrying about not having shoes on instead of giving the road their full attention. To help bust 10 common myths I have created this…


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Driving Myths Busted
Driving Myths Busted

10 – You’re not allowed to eat whilst driving – FALSE

FACT: You can be stopped for careless driving if the police think you aren’t paying attention to your driving, but it isn’t illegal to eat and drive.

Driving Myths Busted

9 – Not every speed camera flashes – TRUE

FACT: It is simply not true that the camera need to flash if you are caught, some speed cameras use infra-red photo technology and so don’t flash even if you’re caught speeding!

Driving Myths Busted

8 – Speed cameras will give 10% leeway – FALSE

FACT: Speed cameras don’t have any set tolerance levels at all, but some cars have this built-in so your speedometer might show you a 10% higher speed than you are travelling.

Driving Myths Busted

7 – Driving barefoot is against the law – FALSE

FACT: Although it is inadvisable to drive barefoot, it isn’t illegal to wear nothing or anything! Just as long as your choice of footwear does not impede your driving abilities.

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Driving Myths Busted

6 – Red lines are just the same as double yellow lines – FALSE

FACT: Red lines usually have an accompanying road sign to explain them. They don’t mean the same as yellow lines they mean whatever that sign says at the time!

Driving Myths Busted

5 – Phones can cause explosions in petrol stations – FALSE

FACT: Although some petrol stations do ban mobile phones, the Petroleum Equipment Institute says that there is no risk at all! But that doesn’t mean you should do it.

Driving Myths Busted

4 – You can’t drive around a roundabout three times – FALSE

FACT: This could be classed as careless driving, but it isn’t technically illegal. But to be fair it might make you feel rather nauseated.

Driving Myths Busted

3 – Having furry dice can fail an MOT – TRUE

FACT: It is not so much the furry dice themselves, but more a matter of their size that might mean they are classed as a vision impairment! Keep them small is our advice.

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Driving Myths Busted

2 – It’s more expensive to insure a red car – FALSE

FACT: The colour of your car won’t change the rate of insurance you pay, but a bright pink car might make people give you funny looks.

Driving Myths Busted

1 –  1.5 pints means I’m definitely under the limit – FALSE

FACT: Everyone’s tolerance to alcohol is different. It’s best not to drink alcohol at all when you drive! Even some mouthwashes can make some people read over the limit!

Author: Gus Barge

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