Ten Amazing Fantasy Themed Terrariums by the Talented Tony Larson

They are made by Tony Larson of The Wonder Room, these terrariums are a mix of sci-fi and fantasy. Featuring scenes like with Yoda chilling out in a Dagobah moss garden, Ancient Goddess Ruins, unicorns on cliff-tops they are all well worth a look. But these are not just art, they also make for amazing gifts as well…



Top 10 Amazing Fantasy Themed Terrariums
Unicorn under a giant mushroom

10 – Unicorn

This first one is more than enough to send most little girls into a wide-eyed frenzy. With amazing pink moss, giant mushrooms and pink plants it is a dream that I am sure a lot of little ones have had over and over again.

Top 10 Amazing Fantasy Themed Terrariums
Statue covered in moss

9 – Buddha

Featuring a rather chubby looking buddha that has become covered in moss and looks to have been lost for a very long time. Looking at the glass terrarium I am also guessing that these can be quite small. But maybe it is just the light or the way the photo was taken.

Top 10 Amazing Fantasy Themed Terrariums
Creature on a rock face

8 – Hunter

I was not so sure what sort of creature this was, but I was going to guess that it is a wolf of some kind (But I could be wrong.) The detail in the rock its self is amazing and really looks like it is nothing more than a real piece of rock placed inside it.

Top 10 Amazing Fantasy Themed Terrariums
Dinosaur in a mossy scene

7 – Prehistoric

Featuring what looks like glow lights in the rock face and a rather sweet looking dinosaur comes this amazing fantasy scene that looks good enough to be filmed for the nest Jurassic park film!

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Top 10 Amazing Fantasy Themed Terrariums
Easter Island statue covered in moss

6 – Moai

It might not have been made to look like an Easter Island statue, but I think it really looks like one. In fact, I am sure that there are some of them on the island that is covered in moss where they have been laying dormant for thousands of years.

Top 10 Amazing Fantasy Themed Terrariums
Stonehenge Terrarium

5 – Mystery Rocks

I used to live right next to this prehistoric monument, but I have never seen it in person or ever visited it. But maybe I can now own something that I will pay more attention to like this amazing hand-made terrarium.

Top 10 Amazing Fantasy Themed Terrariums
R2-D2 searching for Obi-Wan on Tatooine

4 – R2D2

Well, it seems my nerd self-wins again because I have decided to make most the Star Wars ones come Top of the list. And this desert scene one with R2-D2 clearly looking for something is a great way to start the Star Wars themed ones off.

Top 10 Amazing Fantasy Themed Terrariums
Yoda chilling out in a Dagobah moss garden

3 – Yoda

Looking like he is pondering life its self we join Yoda while he thinks about all sorts of things in the Dagobah moss garden. I wonder if he is thinking he is in an episode of under the dome.

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Top 10 Amazing Fantasy Themed Terrariums
Ancient Goddess Ruins Fantasy Forest Terrarium

2 – Goddess Ruins

Looking for something that you might come across while on a trek through the Aztec rainforest is this massive goddess head. Please note that none of the plants or trees you see is real, they are all just handmade and hand finished props, all be it amazing ones.

Top 10 Amazing Fantasy Themed Terrariums
Ewok in the forest

1 – Ewok

If ever there was a perfect place to replicate with a terrarium it is the forest moon of Endor, and that is exactly where this last one is. With thick plants all around him, this terrarium is pure art and would look perfect positioned anywhere in the house.

Author: Gus Barge

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