10 Interesting Facts You Did Not Know About Your Mattress

Strange, right! I can almost bet with all certainty you that probably have never sat down with friends or when solo and started to contemplate about your mattress. Unless you were thinking of going for a new one to get rid of the worn-out one which gives you more sorrow than pleasure. Few people actually have any sorts of tangible knowledge concerning their beds – a real big pity considering that we spend a third of our lives in the same. That said, let’s dive right in as you get to know some things that’ll probably sweep you off your feet in utter wonderment.



1 – Origin

We won’t focus on who made the first mattress or whom it was made for since this can go back to the beginning of times. Nonetheless, the word itself is seen coming from the Arab world. The root meaning here would be “to throw something down” with respect to sleeping time on cushions which are laid down on the floor. Crusaders played a huge role in spreading the word all over Europe and ever since, that’s how we know the golden night partner.

Hygiene Fact

2 – Hygiene Fact

Well, if you knew your mattress would weigh double after 10 years, you’d probably want to refute it. Probably, you’d think depreciation would do the exact opposite. Nonetheless, skin cells and dust mite debris will faithfully make sure they play their role; considering the 285ml of fluid lost per night and the 454 grams of dead skin cell shedding, better start keeping that bed clean and probably have a good cover for it.

Did You Know?

3 – Did You Know?

Your mattress should be able to withstand an open flame for about 30 or so seconds before actually catching fire. This is according to United States federal law; DON’T try this at home.

The Flipping Theory

4 – The Flipping Theory

Certainly, you’ve heard of the advice of how you should flip and turn your beds to help them last longer. Well, modern mattresses might not allow you to do that as some come with an already established base. Nonetheless, frequently rotating it also goes a long way to smoothen things out and enhance durability. This simple life hack will have your bed surviving the seasons for longer.

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Mattress Superiority

5 – Mattress Superiority

Power from the France monarch would be displayed by having the king lie down on some posh mattress during parliamentary proceedings while legislating. All the rest would stand, sit or kneel depending on status.

The Literary Mattress

6 – The Literary Mattress

Literary works would first see the mention of “bed” around the end of the 8th Century BC in the works of Homer – the Odyssey.

Queer Mattress Laws

7 – Queer Mattress Laws

If you’re speed, you’ll be pulled over and probably receive a nasty ticket! Well, while you’re in Washington, you don’t need to rob a bank or break traffic rules to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Just try purchasing a mattress on a Sunday – you’ll be lucky if you can get away with such a “capital offence”!

What The Hell!

8 – What The Hell!

You need to sit down in case the shock has an adverse effect on you: did you know the most expensive beds currently go for millions of dollars? One features a magnetic hoverboard that actually floats on air and goes for $1.6 Million while the other has an interior made of 24-carat gold and goes for $6.3 Million!

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The Perfect Bed

9 – The Perfect Bed

If you’ve been having backaches and joint problems, it would either mean that it’s about time to change your mattress or that’s just not the right mattress for you. The different sleeping positions will all have their recommended bed types with regards to firmness levels.


10 – Recycling

Just like with plastic bottles and scrap metals, your bed can also be recycled after it’s served you well. Usually, mattresses will last for 8 years before the telltale signs of going for a new one. If in good shape, however, donating the bed would help someone else as it has served you.

Mattresses now come in varied construction makes and designs. The prices will also vary depending on materials used in construction and the sizes. You can find out more over at topmattress.com as you take a look at the best picks for your baby sleep. Happy shopping darlings!

Author: Gus Barge

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