Ten of the Craziest and Most Unusual Fitness Gadgets Ever Made

From fitness gadgets that only exercise one very specific part of the body to other exercise tools that seem to be made just to make you look stupid. These are just ten of the world’s craziest fitness and weight loss gadgets and some of them are far crazier than you could ever imagine…



Hand Fitness Trainer
Hand Fitness Trainer

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Unless you are a championship bowler there are very few reasons why you would need to exercise your hands. But maybe there is a point I am missing about it.


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Get fit to look sexy, but get fit in a sexy way! Yes, the world of fitness sexism is alive and well, especially in these boobells!

The Upper Body Aerobic Exerciser

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Some sort of rotating wheel system that seemingly only one person in the world could use properly. I can only guess it was best used by a boxer for faster punches.

Shake Weight

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It might not look weird, but once you see this fitness gadget in action you will soon know why it made this list. You needed to grip both hands around it and shake for all you were worth. There was even a fitness training program you could do with it! Sadly it just made you look like a wan…

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Fitness Disc

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Imagine practising to ski in your living room, with no snow, or no skies! This is what this crazy piece of gym equipment does for you. It might indeed look weird, but that didn’t stop QVC from selling by the thousands of them! People will buy just about anything from those channels.

Facial Lift At Once Face Trainer

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It’s not going to help get rid of the puppy fat you gained over Christmas, but it will make your smile even wider which I can only guess if good for singers and people with small smiles.


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The ViPR helps foster purposeful motion and blend strength training with functional training and movement. And yes, it’s a rubber tube which makes it look weird, but there are most uses for this piece of fitness equipment than you might think and is often used in strength training.

Taizo The Japanese Fitness Robot

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Who needs personal trainers when you can buy a robot exercise instructor! He tells you what to do, can play music to help motivate you and he looks as cute as a button!

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Jump Snap

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Now I know what it looks like, which might scare a lot of people off it, but this really is nothing more than a ropeless jump rope! Makes you wonder what is wrong with a simple piece of rope!

Face Trainer

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While it’s not 100% clear exactly what this crazy fitness tool does I can only guess it is a personal trainer for your face to keep it tight and toned! Hey, if it helps me keep my youthful complexion I will take 10 of them no matter how daft I will look using it.

Author: Gus Barge

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