The Top 10 Most Common Phobias People Suffer From

If you think this list is going to be full of highly predictable things, you would be wrong. Some of the most common phobias around the world are not what you might expect. Based on current statistics these are the ten phobias people suffer from the most…


Heart Disease (Cardiophobia)
Heart Disease (Cardiophobia)

10 – Heart Disease (Cardiophobia)

This is often caused when people know people with the same condition, or when a family member has it and they fear the same will happen to them. Not a nice phobia at all, but in a stressful world, the numbers of people who suffer from it is growing all the time.

Death (Necrophobia)

9 – Death (Necrophobia)

Some people get confused with this phobia. It’s not the fear of dying, but the fear of death it’self. Things like graveyards or skeletons. Anything…well…dead!

Thunderstorms (Astraphobia)

8 – Thunderstorms (Astraphobia)

Most people will jump out of their skins when we hear a clap of thunder, but this is a whole different ballgame and has caused several people to die from fright because of it!

Cancer (Carcinophobia)

7 – Cancer (Carcinophobia)

With stop smoking adverts and all sorts of news stories telling people about this causing cancer, or doing that causes cancer, it’s no wonder people develop phobias about it!

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Heights (Acrophobia)

6 – Heights (Acrophobia)

This is not so much a fear of falling off a high ladder or a mountain, it can be much lower places, some people even suffer it stepping off a path kerb!

Confined Spaces (Claustrophobia)

5 – Confined Spaces (Claustrophobia)

This is not just about the amount of space you have around you, it is also about feeling trapped in a relationship or a decision.

Open Spaces (Agoraphobia)

4 – Open Spaces (Agoraphobia)

To be honest, this is often a more complex condition than you might think and is often fear of multiple other things that is the real cause of it.

Flying (Aviophobia)

3 – Flying (Aviophobia)

This fear isn’t too much of a problem in life if you don’t want to travel. But if you are a pilot it can be a much bigger issue (and for their plane passengers).

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People or Social Situations (Anthropophobia)

2 – People or Social Situations (Anthropophobia)

In a world of crowds and over-population, it goes without saying that this is becoming more and more a situation.

Spiders (Arachnophobia)

1 – Spiders (Arachnophobia)

It’s something I suffer from myself as well, but being scared of spiders is not enough to have a phobia. It has to be quite a severe reaction to them. Personally, I just run away.

Author: Gus Barge

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