Ten Things You Might Not Know About the Unibet Platform

Ten Things You Might Not Know About the Unibet Platform

For those who have never heard of Unibet before they are a secure gambling platform that is mostly used for sports betting, online casino, bingo and online poker. While they have only been operating since 1997 the platform has some rather interesting stats and facts behind it that I think are well worth sharing with you. You could well have used this platform before and never knew about it, but that backend integration only makes these facts and figures even more interesting…

Over 11 Million Sites Use it

Yes, the platform really does have more than 11 million customers who can be found in more than 100 countries around the world. And before you ask, yes they are fully regulated in each country they operate in as well as complying with all the regional laws that country may have.

Different Sites, Different Options.

Just because a site works with the Unibet platform does not mean they are alike. In fact, some sites don’t even advertise that they do work with the platform and you might never know. The good news is there are many no deposit bonus casino coupons that are out there, you just need to find the best one for you.

It is Just One Part of The Kindred Group

What is the Kindred group I hear you ask? It is a conglomeration of more than 11 brands that you probably know and love. Brands like Stan James, 32Red, iGame, Bingo.com and the massive Danish online bookmaker Bet24.

They Employ More Than 1,500 People

Not only is this a lot of people, but most of them have been working from home since the lockdown days and many of them were working from home even before that point.

It Was Founded in Bedroom

Yes, the original founder Anders Ström started programming and selling the platform while he was at home. So for the first few years of this company, it really was running out of a bedroom, not the office blocks and buildings it now operates from

It Spends Millions Sponsoring

It Spends Millions Sponsoring

While some of the smaller teams it sponsors like Warwickshire County Cricket Club are small and localised it also sponsors well know teams and brands like the New Jersey Devils, the Philadelphia Eagles and the massive French football club Paris Saint-Germain! It even sponsored Norwegian chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen!

Their Unibet Live TV Feature Changed The Online Game

While live Casio and sports streaming was not added till 2009 it certainly changed the game especially when it comes to live roulette. In fact, live streaming on this platform happened around the same time as they jumped onto the mobile market as well way back in 2009.

Its Award Winning

From “App of the Year” to ” EGR Awards “Innovation in Poker” the company has won many awards since it was founded with many of them in the marketing and poker markets. With accreditations like this you know it is a secure and stable platform.

Their Platform Is Constantly Updated

While some casino and online betting sites will only update once a year the Unibet platform is constantly moving with the times with multiple updates every single year. They also keep a firm eye on regulation changes to make sure their code and system is always operating within regulation.

They Actively Promote Safer Gambling

The last thing you should know about any casino, or sports betting website using this platform is that it is always on the player’s side. With regular reality checks and gambling restrictions you can be sure that when you start to lose control, their systems will get you back on track.

Have you used a website using the Unibet system? If you have and you have any feedback regarding it do let us know in the comments below.

Author: Gus Barge

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